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Shuffling the cards is something I do all the time and I would say things to a girl like this: So, you know, we’re all gonna die someday and I know we all got priorities, you got priorities, I have priorities and goals — for myself, the family and shzzzz. But the point here is that I know you’re not ultimately oblivious and if anything, I’m gambling for any compromise or otherwise. In the end, it’s all about taking what I can get. And whatever it’s gonna be, no matter how eternal the wait requires, it’s all worth the try.


It’s all just begun, we’ll get to know more though we pretty much get the gist of both our general premises. But yeah, whatever. And oh, this is a universal statement that goes well together with the porn site of everyone’s probing today — something so massive and sometimes even unfathomable of its glorious stance. It’s called the WTF Pass.

The one thing you should have realized by now is that any porn site marked with something like Pass actually means it’s a huge collection of porn videos. It is something you should be looking forward to because it’s beyond epic as I have learned throughout my curiosity to look into weirdly titled porn sites. If anything, this is perhaps one of the finest I have ever come across because it melds quality and quantity like it’s really just one thing and that the separation would be wrong, so it’s really the most interesting resource for every beginner and expert porn probe master out there.

WTFPass is home to over 3,400 videos. Yes, they’re all HD videos and this is why this porn resource is perhaps the master of the race. They are the master race, I tell you — the company behind its operations. With that said, there are over 2,300 models — the collection includes the models in the crossovers that are sometimes not given longer air times, but enough to deem them glorious. You can stream these 20 to 40 minute videos or you can choose to download them. Best part, mobile versions are available.

WTF Pass for me remains the best porn videos provider because of its significant bearing, relaying a message to all team ups out there that quality should never hamper quantity and vice the versa. Niche based searches and filters, all’s good for you here.