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A man who smiles after saying “I love you” is not really in love. The truth is, he is just happy to realize that he is not afraid to say something so save your heart from misery and make him drown a little more in agony. You have to take my word for it. I have seen it happen so many times particularly from a porn site that I found myself resolving to be the only porn site for me to subscribe to. It’s called the Viv Thomas.


Maybe, only fools believe in love so it does not really matter whether love is true. Still, like the sadness of a poet, her kind words and not the winds will soon decide your fate. And while nightingales hum sweet melodies, they too might not be of help. Viv Thomas is not a fool and he does not fall in love. But he knows how to pretend that he is and get girls to do business with him, if you know what I mean. He’s a Casanova and all the Casanovas of all time would glorify him because of the countless achievements he has had in the name of picking up girls.

The premise of the site is really simple. Our guy is the one who sets it. Travel places, find girls who are willing to put out and fuck them. His philosophy has changed though and he has gone to the extremes. He wouldn’t take no for answer. Even if the girl seems really the hardest to get, he knows how to soften her heart and just make her give in to his lusting pursuit.

You simply can’t do any soul searching on something that is not there. There is no greater agony than forgetting or maybe you just write too much when you’re in despair. Just search for others from the pool of countless women which is the world. Viv has copulated with over 6000 girls from different parts of the world. For him, sky is the limit. For him, you are to take inspiration from the 6,000 plus videos he has in store for you. While he originally took in his crusade alone, he now has a team who helps him embellish all the more his creative psyche in making the porn videos out of self-confidence and charm.

The latest videos from the site can be rendered in HD. The others are in vintage classics format. Either way, you get the best and that’s the only thing you can expect from Viv Thomas.