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From the ashes shall shoot skywards a civilization of intellect that will defy the gravity of religion. The Bearers of Sensual knowledge shall no longer be heretics and a new era of catharsis shall begin. Welcome the Age of Twistys.


I only get interested at something if, in one way or another it is related to or connected to the things that interest me most. Therefore, you or anything you do is out of that scope and will be such a complete waste of time and energy to even try to understand, it is knowledge I have no use of. When I turned to Twistys, everything felt so different in the best damn way. Knowing that they have 1,000 models all sexy and hot and beautiful and tempting, every guy could literally just squander all their time to feel full with the satiating prowess of these goddesses.

Sometimes I speak to myself, not because I’m crazy but because my ears long to hear what my mind thinks and affirm with the agreement of all the senses of my body that knowledge that lay dormant in my consciousness. It’s like slapping myself in the face to keep me awake. And, it must have been the result of the potent mix of rain, coffee and classic romantica. Only a god could make a porn site so packed with 7,000 plus erotic scenes that are beyond exceptional. If anything, it keeps you inspired with 20 minutes of dosage per episode.

It’s as if, at any given moment, so many minds exist in one head. Each competing against the other, dominating and suppressing. All vying to be the ruling thought, the the dominant frame of mind. A man’s head is a battleground where wars have been waged. All battles are fought in the world of the mind before they are ever fought in the world of the flesh. With Twistys, you’ll know that the reason behind the beauty of the videos is the chaos all the creators have to go through just to put up nothing but the best.

If you don’t like Realism at all because pying is so easy it’s pointless and that fantasy porn videos are much more challenging because of its need to be creative. And staying true to that notion, I turned my nude into a temptress with this site.