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Reality Kings Discount

$14.95 for a month @ 63% off

$7.95 per month for a year @ 81% off



Reality Kings glittering royal-likeness is because they are big and they are such a quality network. In their list of sites, you get thirty-six sites. The gamut of variety received is noted, they have hardcore to extreme kind of stuff inside. Think of it this way, you are buying one membership allowing you, first of all, 36 different niches of porn, second, hundreds of famous porn performers.


Thirdly, when all the sites combine their content…mamma mia, you will be receiving hundreds of hours of appetizing porn. Open your eyes to some 9109+ movies inside that are promised by the network. If you have an elephant’s memory, you definitely recall the first time these guys came out, how they grew, and what they are now in the industry. If you don’t, don’t worry we don’t either. We just care that they are have climbed from simple bourgeoisie status and now they are elite leaders in the game!

The layout of the network currently used has been changed several times. The Wankz VR changes have helped make it more usable. The inclusion of the search engine is crucial in making sure members find porn fast. Another godsend is the filtering options given. You can search model name or use keywords. Rating/commenting features are in place. They are now informing all members of the upcoming updates that their sites are going to make. Great! As you excitedly move with haste from site to site previewing what they got, you will find the sites have homogeneity. The color formats, the features, and layout of the sites are synced up to make things easier for you.

The updates made are all HD certified, adding more quality hardcore into the galleries. We will inform you that the network does have mobile formats, they have older content in SD quality, pictures for old galleries are also not very high resolution. However, these are issues expected from any old network like this one. The producers and those in charge of this porn network feel that members deserve not only new pornstars, models, pics and videos, they also deserve new sites. New sites bring new interesting niches. That is why we consider these guys really good.

You have to read what you are signing up for with this particular network. There is a lot happening, and you don’t want the wrong membership subscription that may cost you more than what you had previously thought. No one is rushing you, check the pre-ticked defaults, decide if you want this or that, then say yes and watch the magic happen. No hardcore porn fan in the world likes being taken advantage of. Even though they are true royals in porn, will treat you with the etiquette reserved for VIPs. They do everything with such grand professionalism. Top rated by all, you should check out this network.