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A sales job has never been easy especially when you are selling homes worth millions. And if you have noticed one thing, clients don’t always buy something because it is the best they can get. Sometimes it’s all about whether the buyer likes the seller. In PropertySex, we come across sexy girls who are tasked to sell off homes worth millions. They are prepared to use any persuasion to win over their clients.


This includes seducing the clients and giving them their fine ass as a discount if they agree to purchase the property. For many of the wealthy guys, this is a perfect opportunity to invest and have lots of fun doing it. So, you are going to see lots of smoking hot realtors making deals, giving blow jobs and getting fucked seriously before they even close the deal.

This idea is unique and it was conceptualized just recently so the site is still in its developmental stages. There are about 11+ videos so far but we are expecting a lot more with time since they have a very aggressive weekly update schedule. The videos will take you only a few days to exhaust so they have compensated you for that by giving you Vixen X as a bonus, where you will get some extra 100+ exciting videos to watch. So, no complains about the amount of movies. If you like pictures, you will get many of them since each episode come with a set of images and each set is normally loaded with about 91 pictures. Movies are also long, with the average playing for about 42 minutes.

MP4 is the main format option in use and the best will give you up to 1920×1080 pixels in quality. The same will also give you up to 13,300K in speeds. As for the pictures, I saw many of them displaying at 1,024×768 pixels which is great for a reality based site like this.

Though most of the scenes feature PropertySex girls trying to persuade their clients with all their sexual assets, there are other scenes that feature some other kinds of fantasies in the mix. For instance, tenants get eviction notices and they end up fucking their landlords in order to be allowed to stay. There are masturbation scenes as well as lesbian stuffs in the mix. Investing in real estate can never get better. This is reality action gone crazy and every guy with a functional dick should give it a look.