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My friend once told me that no one is entirely straight. There are times that even a man would adore his fellow man. But I don’t really think that the mere adoration of the same sex warrants him to be called a gay person. Sometimes, we just do recognize that some men will always have a better chance to get laid with any woman of their choosing. Sometimes, too, picking up chicks is a skill more than it is a given thing. One of the porn sites that never fail to make me realize that all the more is one created by a true legend in the name of nude photography. He goes by the great name of Mike Adriano.


The main concept of this porn site continues to live on. Only that it moves in a much better pacing with the most recent changes that have been taken into consideration by the one who originally wanted it to be a one man job. He has come to realize that greater things happen with the company of god people. So basically, he is the Casanova every guy wants to be.

He has always been proud of his address and he had wanted to keep his reputation standing strong all by himself. Then again, greater things happen with great people, especially in the name off delivering super high quality porn media that refuses to be denied. And I guess it really has every reason to be proud of itself. Perhaps this is the epitome of what nude entertainment should really be – unfettered, unconstrained and just pure entertainment without the confinement.

So how exactly does it go with our ultimate Casanova? The premise of the site is all about picking up girls in the most awesome ways possible. Something that really cannot be deny as you see how it really goes with each video. Mike Adriano would directly approach a woman on the street, do a bit of sweet talking and because he’s a charmer out of discipline and principle, he gets her yes, they go out for dinner and then they fuck. Sometimes after coffee they would right away do business. 670 videos are currently injected into this site, all in pure HD quality, all for at least 50 minutes each. The stories are impeccable and what’s even more amazing is that these are girls who were really lured by the guy through his awesomeness.

There is more for you to check on Mike Adriano, especially with the updates happening almost every week. Regardless, it remains to be the champion of all pick up type porn sites out there.