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A man who is in love sees more than someone who is not. He believes in magic. It is magical not because we can turn a dead flower into a soldier in an army of a thousand lies, but rather, it is because amidst all the sorrow that is your irreparable singular existence, the winters of your life still hold the hope that one day you will finally find with him those inexplicable joys of summer. This is the prologue of every episode in Evil Angel. You would think that the darkness has totally consumed the women until one day they find men who are faithful to them. Then again, let’s do a quick review of this legendary porn site.


Joan Angel created this porn site and according to her, to love is to believe in something that to an ordinary mortal is not real. Love begins as fiction. So while women read fictional stories because they have lost hope in men in real life, they can still do otherwise. You know, choose to believe in faithful men out there and in the approach of this site, you will see that they are willing to risk it by having sex with men and seeing what happens afterwards. The men do not just hit them and run. They continue to court them until they find that they truly love each other. But of course, the real essence here is the steam brought about by the sex scenes. They couldn’t be more vivid, so appealing to the eyes that it signals your whole body into masturbation mode.

500 videos and updates, 60 models, all amateurs and pros alike. The diversity of the models are complementary to the aim of the site, which, apart from the whole proving men’s love thing, is to share the beauty of the multiplicity. And here I was thinking that porn sites are for nudity’s sake alone. But Evil Angel shows us that porn stars are angels and they know how to love too and finally come to a conclusion that they someday want to settle with the men of their lives. They just have to risk letting themselves be fucked by many until one of them decides to put his faith into a living promise.

Wonderful storytelling, beautiful photography skills, professional directorial arts, and other necessary elements have been utilized well in Evil Angel. It gets a 10 out 10 in most porn site reviews by professionals.