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College, everybody loves it because for one thing, it is their ticket to greater opportunities and another thing, they get to enjoy their freedom and independence. However, student loans suck. Good thing there is that freedom and independence. They choose to find work and do some extras to provide them with cash.


While there is a notion that women are more advantaged because they can just offer sex and get paid big, the same is actually true with men too. They work together hand in hand in the site we are going to talk about today called the College Rules, popular since the dawn of college porn.

The prevailing artificial consciousness which brought forth the inequalities of men and women should be abandoned by an awareness not only limited to one’s own good but must go beyond to the good of all. That is one of the implications of this porn site, an equal opportunity for college students of both sexes to earn cash through porn. All they have to do is have fun and be in agreement that they will have sex either as an exclusive couple or a dorm bang session with several men and women. Whichever the case may be for the variety of videos, it’s all great and surreal. You will want to go back to college and explore it all the more. Because the college setting is a flock of all the kinky academic birds, development of one part should therefore lead to the development of the other parts and eventually the whole.

CollegeRules, I would say, is a pun. It’s like saying college rocks or something to that effect or it could mean college has rules and we’re all going to break it. Either way, it’s beautiful because we can see that college is not just about the academic pursuit to better careers, but a venue for vaster lives in itself. This is when people get to learn from each other and the site proves that the barriers are broken effectively when sex is put into play. 980 videos as of the current can be played from the site’s database. These vids are user submissions and the site works as much to create photo galleries from all the vids. The POV shots and found footage style vids are the best , in my opinion, because there’s just something about realism that makes it more arousing.

College Rules, I personally find it to be the best of all college-concentrated videos. There’s a story behind every video and the dialogues and conversations are really braingasmic because the women are smart and witty. Truly proves that even smart girls in college know how to have fun. Same with the men!