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I’m not gonna stop. Just be friends with her. Constant and balanced communications. Take things slowly. Clear my bases. Earn more, clear my debts, finally save up. Get my mom a good life, which means getting me a good life thereafter and just hope that at some point there she’s gonna be part of it. And it’s gonna take year and she might be held captured by the arms of someone else (and then my friend pukes the nth time around right from item number one), but what the hell. I’ll gamble. I’d rather lose in the end than be a total loser for not even trying. Either way, it’ll be worth it as it goes with one of my porn celeb idols. He’s the kind of guy who would put forward the things he wants and not let anyone be a letdown. He’s the Buttman.


While we have so many fetishes going on, right from ankles to feet and all the way to other faculties of a human person, the one I find the best and least odd would be butts. I mean, butts are awesome. They are pretty much the focal point of a woman. They add too much aesthetic appeal even when that woman’s face is not at all attractive. It’s because men have this tendency to fall for a woman’s body and it doesn’t take rocket science to realize the reality of that. And this is why I loved my girls because they all had big butts and they were so nice to touch — soft and puffy, they make me wanna tap them all the time.

Buttman is the hero we all deserve. That I know for sure. This guy can do lots of magic in just a single night. He can make you believe that all our dreams can come true and that all it takes is a bit of determination. So he lets us into over 190 videos that show cases all the exclusively created butt videos he has initiated and made. We get a plus of over 800 videos from several affiliate sites of the same niche — butts. The girls can be very interesting with their wittiness, too — women beyond just aesthetic appeal are here to be had.

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