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If you have fooled around once with hot 18 to 23 year olds and had so much fun because of that, then the porn paysite ALS Scan is the perfect fit for you. They are a long running website with deep ties to producing hot young teen pussy action. They have used the changes in tech, the changes in the moods of porn fans, adapted and kept themselves relevant in the game. You get to have a lot inside.


The gals they have mostly come from Europe, Prague and Budapest mainly. The site uses the beautiful contours of the gals in ways that will lead to erections happening the more you continue to watch. It is clear that the most precious resource they have is the women inside the site. The models amaze and stun. Good thing for you is that the beauty is also all natural stuff. The body type of the gals normally included petite frame, flexible, smooth boobs, and perky asses. However, we were able to also detect a whiff of the more heavier curvy asses and boobs inside.

So what do you find? You find episodes inside. How many? Try some 1070+ scenes to begin with. Each scene takes twenty minutes. Scenes are HD 1080p formats. The variation of resolution goes a bit down when you go to older archives. They have professional crews working the scenes, taking care of production, lighting, and those sorts of things. The ladies can sometimes take sex toys or bizarre things in order to stimulate their clits/pussy, masturbate, lesbo sex, and many stripping and pussy shots. The whole collection doesn’t feel dated, it actually feels alive, like its completely going to consume all the time! It consumed us and we weren’t even looking that hard!

You get to have formats like the normal windows media, divx, mpg, and they do have the normal 720p HD movies that you can also catch. They have got the mobile version prepared for those who are going to use their mobile devices to connect to the site. They have got a lot of images. Our estimation lands you some nineteen thousand pictures to have, but that is an estimation not the final number. The big pictures emit with high res beauty while the ladies do their very best to make you cum in triples! You will be afforded the much-needed tools for navigation plus they have streaming file formats for the films.f

Pictures are saved using the zip file; you are not saved from becoming addicted to this ALS Scan. Why would you need it anyway when you can have great material, constant updates, regular sessions with young hot women, excitement, and most importantly of all oozing goo from your hard shlong! Therefore, you know what our conclusion is going to be, sign up now!