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GF Revenge Discounts

GF Revenge Discount

$14.95 for a month @ 63% off

$9.95 per month for six months @ 76% off



Ever since amateur films came into being, they have increased in quality and creativity and GF Revenge is one of the variants of this creativity. They have sex tape material from real people who filmed themselves having sex and doing other things. If you look at some of the tempting material inside you will understand the theme of personal sex tapes and footage being leaked into this website. And since the quality of cameras has changed drastically since the days of really bad cameras, the content inside this website has improved to better quality.


They started being active in 2010 so they have like years of content inside the galleries. The design of the website is charmingly simple to navigate. Some people want them to redesign and change some things; they have not done a restructuring in a long while. There are advertisements inside that want you to take advantage of discounts to join another websites. Anyway, all website have these ad sells, so do not worry about that. The hot amateur films that are the best rise to the top as the content inside this place are rated. You will find bonus material inside in HD format too, something above 400 videos so that is nice.

You may also find some live camera material and links to check out. The websites supposedly pays submitter(s) to bring their girlfriend sex tapes and pics and let other people enjoy the succulent bodies and sex of the girls. The ambiance of hardcore revenge on the sexy girlfriends is constantly fostered inside this place. The material from the archives inside is not going to provide picture galleries for the most part. This is because most of them are just videos, but recently they have updates coming with pics and vids. The pictures can be a mix of focused angles, or it can be shaky amateur pics that are not that high quality.

You can get the zip file and you can get picture content that gives you 900pixel resolution. Movies here are 30 minutes, less sometimes, and amateur filming is very much prevalent in all the movies. The camera shakes, sometimes it’s not so focused, sometimes they show weird angles, but it’s all in the realm of the theme that they want to show here. You will have great POV shots, resolution for full screen, 720p quality, and flash player options. In the videos, you will find interviews where the ladies are chatting. There are videos where the guy is doing his all to convince the girlfriend to masturbate, orally eat up dick, get cumshots, and film them striping and bouncing their tits.

The good thing about the material inside is that it is possible for you to find many original plots, niches, and themes. You may not know how good the material is inside until you click on the play button. It definitely helps that GF Revenge works to bring fresh twists into the stories of amateur hardcore sex tapes. Just check them out today and see how great they are, enjoy!

Babes Network Discounts

Babes Network Discount

$14.95 for a month @ 51% off

$8.33 per month for a year @ 73% off



Those who have observed how the website Babes Network has been regularly stunning the market with their content and ladies will tell you that they are incredible! The main page of the website is presented with pomp and color, and they have rolling previews of material you can see. They are giving you information on why you should join, why you should not wait, and asking you if you are ready for what is coming. Now, if you have some time to kill, you will find that this website has over 850 movies waiting inside. They also have thousands of picture galleries, and updates are multiple times during the week.


The expedition of surfing inside starts with you getting into the members area. As you search and come across some of your favorite babes and content, you can add them to your list so that you can find it latter on quickly. As soon as new content comes, there are notifications you can get. The menu has videos, models, and pictures sections that go on to have more options and tools. Sampling some of the categories inside reveals they have really spent time developing niches that fit the ladies.

You will find the minutes ticking on by as you enjoy the moaning ladies engaged in lesbian sex, anal, bjs, threesomes, couple sex, and many other hardcore varieties. Navigating using the categories, ratings, links, and other tools inside will be accomplished quickly because this website is professionally setup for easy user interface. When you see the videos, you will also find they have picture galleries. So what are you dealing with when it comes to the ladies? You are finding lots of European ladies, Asians, Caucasians, and the occasional exotic ladies from other countries and places. They give you details about the girl, slight description, and that is basically it.

You also get links to amateur live cams you can check out. The picture set gallery is large; sets can have 200 jpgs or less. They have high-resolution images at 2495 pixels, zip files and online slideshow features are there. With big files when you click on the 1080p HD videos, you will have to let them load so that you can get fluent play when you are streaming. The download features are for files that can play on your PC and they have mobile versions files too. You can get smaller videos for the mobile device formats.

The ladies here clearly have esoteric energy that is enthralling to watch. Its why this website is ranking high on so many critics lists, you need to see the erotic playfulness inside this website. The Babes Network is personally a website that is easily recommended to anyone who wants the top young sultry babes that they have. Their hardcore and production excellence is well worth checking out!

Club Seventeen Discounts

Club Seventeen Discount

$9.95 for a month @ 66% off

$7.95 per month for a year @ 75% off



When it comes to Club Seventeen, you need more than 1 day to contemplate how big their variety is with over 4000 movies and more than 3100 models! The best advice someone can offer you about this membership deal is to ask you how much you can handle before you pop! The sexy bodies of all the young beautiful Dutch females here and others will make you dive into your pants wanting to release your urges. All they have here are 18 to 23 year old ladies and the number of pictures you can find is something above 8300 picture galleries.


As a rule, it is always best to start exploring systematically so that you can discover everything, so let us do that. First, they have exclusive content, and 20 to 30 minute movies here. The production is constantly bringing young porn action, but they have worked on the layout of the member’s area. The main menu is about giving you photos, girls, videos, live sex, DVDs, and member’s area. Scrolling just below the main menu, you will get information on things like free live shows and events. They also tell you the dates, place, and times that the events take place.

Okay, so you are in now, first thing you get is the updates that the production has made. Every update is linked to tags, categories, models name, time stamp, and date. Looking at some of the updates there are things like anal, shaved pussy, bjs, facials, lesbian, toy play, solo, etc. You will get all the different angles that they can film the innocent faces and bodies turned into sultry harlots through sexual stimulation. They also have a very keen eye on finding amateur faces that end up performing crazy scenes in various any ways. They really do try! The website continues to arrange each content and section nicely so that you have separation and organization that makes the website look professional.

You should believe that the producers here are drawing from experience that they have cultivated for many years! It is amazing. You will find the layout lets you choose different languages. You will find links to social media websites to use when you get that urge to interact with other members and lovers of teen porn. The content here is always being tossed around to be fresh through weekly updates and new amateur teen models. File formats here for movies also offer the high definition videos you like for recent updates.

For older film collections, you may have to settle for normal res, mid, and low resolutions. They have big resolution jpegs that you enjoy. All the content inside this place just boils up the passions of members. So Club Seventeen is an exceptionally attractive option for many reasons.