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College Rules Discounts

College Rules Discount

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$7.50 per month for a year @ 75% off



College, everybody loves it because for one thing, it is their ticket to greater opportunities and another thing, they get to enjoy their freedom and independence. However, student loans suck. Good thing there is that freedom and independence. They choose to find work and do some extras to provide them with cash.


While there is a notion that women are more advantaged because they can just offer sex and get paid big, the same is actually true with men too. They work together hand in hand in the site we are going to talk about today called the College Rules, popular since the dawn of college porn.

The prevailing artificial consciousness which brought forth the inequalities of men and women should be abandoned by an awareness not only limited to one’s own good but must go beyond to the good of all. That is one of the implications of this porn site, an equal opportunity for college students of both sexes to earn cash through porn. All they have to do is have fun and be in agreement that they will have sex either as an exclusive couple or a dorm bang session with several men and women. Whichever the case may be for the variety of videos, it’s all great and surreal. You will want to go back to college and explore it all the more. Because the college setting is a flock of all the kinky academic birds, development of one part should therefore lead to the development of the other parts and eventually the whole.

CollegeRules, I would say, is a pun. It’s like saying college rocks or something to that effect or it could mean college has rules and we’re all going to break it. Either way, it’s beautiful because we can see that college is not just about the academic pursuit to better careers, but a venue for vaster lives in itself. This is when people get to learn from each other and the site proves that the barriers are broken effectively when sex is put into play. 980 videos as of the current can be played from the site’s database. These vids are user submissions and the site works as much to create photo galleries from all the vids. The POV shots and found footage style vids are the best , in my opinion, because there’s just something about realism that makes it more arousing.

College Rules, I personally find it to be the best of all college-concentrated videos. There’s a story behind every video and the dialogues and conversations are really braingasmic because the women are smart and witty. Truly proves that even smart girls in college know how to have fun. Same with the men!

Real Wife Stories Discounts

Real Wife Stories Discount

$17.95 for a month @ 40% off

$7.50 per month for a year @ 75% off



The society is like an organism; all the members are parts of that whole. Therefore agreements regarding change should be coherent for the problem would only be delayed by the change created by divided consent and will inevitably rise back again.


It all begins in the family. As husbands commit adultery, wives should put an end to their kinkiness as well. But every wrong thing has a beautiful side and perhaps the reason why it happened was the instant pleasure it gave off. Let us look at one of the most intriguing porn sites ever made about wives exploring different possibilities. It’s the Real Wife Stories.

Apparently, there is a need for change in the society and change only becomes successful when it is done by the unanimous consent of all the members, particularly in the family. But in this porn site, it only tells us that change is necessary, but not today because why rush things when it can be enjoyed for fun and other cool games for adults. Going straight to the gist of things, there is the element of the multiverse which means in a lot of the videos, you will see that a wife is making love with her husband but at the same time imagining if the carpenter and the plumber came and they had a threesome beyond the husband’s knowledge. There is a mixture of submission and exclusive site videos here too, so you can take a peek inside the life of real wives getting screwed by other men and videos created by the site for your entertainment needs.

All members, may it be rich and poor or propertied and deprived, must voluntarily participate and not forced into conformity. This gives the women the freedom to do whatever they want, and wives the permission to be sneaky as to have sex with other men when the husbands are not around. RealWifeStories has 190 of these videos and each video would be good for over 50 minutes. It’s a mix of submission vids and site created vids. They’re all surreal and pleasing to the eye, and the penis!

Real Wife Stories is a winner on the note of cheating and kink vids. Plus the topic at hand is wives cheating on their husbands, which is really quite empowering to women. All hail to this magnificent porn creation! Stream and download all you want with one subscription!

Fucked Hard 18 Discounts

Fucked Hard 18 Discount

$14.90 for a month @ 50% off



If you touch the body of a teen 18 year old real nice with oil, chances are you will have the same kind of fun that is shown inside the website Fucked Hard 18! The weekly updates are one reason to be happy. Also the site is in the business of finding fresh faces new gals so that’s advantage number two for you! You get lots of downloadable high definition content, that’s number three. You get to personally see all the material exclusive with ladies being filled to the maximum by hard dick, that’s advantage 4! There are more advantages inside so let’s get in and check it out!


The design of the site comes from a standard template that is commonly used around the internet. So, it’s not revolutionary and awe inspiring but it does get the job done. You can submit photos and see a listing of all the gas. The update previews are awesome. As a member, you have access to the videos and the blog that they have. The models have different body, asses, and hair color. To organize the material in the form of pics/movies, you get to have wonderful features like sorting by popularity, recent, and they have video feeds inside.

The premise theme for the movies is where the gals come in for body massage but get more aroused and require release of the sexual buildup they have had on the massage table. Each episode comes with descriptive write-ups. The ruse of massage is just used consistently throughout the videos you will see inside, but there are various niches offered in hardcore sex you will enjoy. The gals appreciate the nipple rub, clit eating, blowjob, kissing, pussy massage, and different position fucks. Each picture set has hundreds of individual images, 200 or more images. You will be able to see the content in high-resolution images and in high definition videos.

The truth inside the tour page is the same truth being shown inside the member’s area. The members inside who have a ton of comments to make will help you decide what to begin with as you read and preview the content with the best comments. There is the online option for playing the media movies using the flv player. They also cut the full movies into clips, so you can chose which clip you want to start with. The full movies are in high definition while the clips can be lower resolution. The gals talk a bit at the beginning, but soon, oil all over their bodies and fingers causing them to get horny, is the only sound you will hear!

FuckedHard18 has hundreds of videos that can offer pleasing moments of entertainment for you. Thus, it is only logical that a 4.2 star rating out of 5 stars be given to this site. You should check out the massage-sex-teen action they got!

XXXpawn Discounts

XXXpawn Discount

$19.97 for a month @ 34% off

$9.95 per month for one year @ 69% off



The premise of the content inside XXXPawn is easy to come to terms with and understand. They have a shop, it sells stuff, and sometimes the guy gets to fuck real customers and film it for you. The movies and the preview that they show inside speak of situations where the gals are either selling their stuff for rent money, need cash fast, desperate, and the guy is looking to find a real sweet deal. Sometimes things work out fine and other times the terms and conditions just get a bit freaky explicit for everyone. This is a reality gonzo type of site with lots of different creative potential.


The site is new having being conceived in 2014 so they have some movies not a whole lot though. You will find there is a certain order they use to setup their pictures and you can rearrange them to suit your needs. This website is from creators of other websites and a full network called BangBros. The design used is straightforward. You will find the tour page has a preview movie that pretty much explains the kind of movies you will get inside.

You will be able to interact inside since they offer the features that allow you to do this. The movies they have are shown with picture thumbnails. You get a paragraph telling you about the direction the film is going to take. The gals are different and each responds differently to the approach that the pawn guy delivers. You will see that they pixilated the face of the guy in an effort to make the content feel more authentic (we guess). You will have a movie index page to look thorough as you navigate inside. The 3 streaming qualities offer low, mid, high resolution. The full movies have got downloading options, different sizes, wmv, flv, mpeg, mp4 formats that you can check out.

They have done a good job with the menu and website design. They also offer you mobile format files for access using mobile devices. A gal can walk in with her item and try to get a deal from the owner of the shop. The guy usually twists and turns things around depending on the situation and asks the gal to come into the office. Soon after some wringing and wrangling and sex talk, the gal takes his cock, sucks it, takes it up the ass, and gets great cumshot. You will find a mixture of POV and stationary camera angles inside. Due to the back and forth talking, you get long videos. Videos are normally in the forty-minute range.

They have 720p HD movies with a ton load of pictures under each episode that they make. One big issue is that being so new and even though they update, they have small movie gallery right now. Joining XXXPawn because if the original content they have is a good move, but joining to get bonus and hundreds of movies is not! They are growing so maybe give them time and see what happens.