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VideosZ Discounts

VideosZ Discount

$17.95 for a month @ 40% off

$9.95 per month for one year @ 67% off



For those People who generally prefer to overindulge on porn when they are in the search for a pornsite membership deal to take up, the site VideosZ is famous for being larger than the biggest mountain of pornography you have ever seen! This is the one place where they pump out more than sixteen thousand nine hundred porn DVD movies for members to watch. Say a movie takes like one hour to play, that means you will have more than sixteen thousand hours of porn DVD movies to go through! Wow!


And the numbers we are giving you are on the smaller conservative side. If they were like to go crazy, then you would discover they have over 13,000 pornstars/models, over 98,000 porn videos to show anyone who gets a full membership. But let’s all calm down a bit and discuss some of the finer points.

You are welcomed inside with a message telling you that they are special, you are special, and they have tons of hardcore special material inside! You will notice that this is a heavy download pornsite with options offered for file downloading and they let you customise some of the playlist to include/or/exclude anything you want. You get instructional information on how to use the mobile version of the site and how to properly deploy the search tools and options inside to find content. They offer you the instructions, but truthfully, the site is easy to navigate and master.

The main menu offers options for DVD, scenes, pornstars, genres, network, and informational tab. For each, there are more dropdown options like for the scenes you can arrange according to random selection, recent, most watched, HD, and highest rated. For the pornstars, you get alphabetical names, top stars, most watched, or the complete list. For the DVD you can have the whole list, future releases, newest, popular, and so on. Do not get us started talking about the genre option cause you will find they house the most widespread collection of  hardcore known to porn fans around the world! They are serious about covering every little fetish, soft, hard, weird, spectacular, mainstream niche that they possibly can.

The above average quality of the DVD movies is between 720p, 540p, 360p, with options like mp4/ avi formats given to make downloading easy. Many of the thousands of movies inside are worth watching for they are made by pornstars and producers with years of experience at doing this sort of thing. The site has a working professional connection with over 160 studios that make porn in all delicious sizes, packages, genres, and styles. Number one, there is no way you are familiar with all the content that can be seen inside VideosZ, even if the content they have is not 100% exclusive. Two, just look at the damn numbers and sign up, cause there is no other bigger deal on offer from any other website out there quite like this one.

Haze Her Discounts

Haze Her Discount

$14.95 for a month @ 50% off

$9.95 per month for a year @ 67% off



The ladies who you will find inside the site Haze Her have fully committed their minds, soul, and body to gaining access to their respective college sorority fraternity. These college groups are formulated to be an environment where students can commune and share experiences of college life with fellow students.


There is a lot of sharing being done inside this pornsite alright! There is sharing of dildo, punishment, embarrassment, humiliation, sex orgasms, displays of nudity, lesbian seduction, and so much more. This isn’t the normal way things are supposed to operate, but this pornsite is about the hazing process that coeds endure during their pledging. It’s great to look at for coed porn and there’s more stuff inside, so let’s explore!

The theme of hazing is creative because it can take so many different shapes and forms. The site belongs to Bang-Bros Network and they started only a couple of years back making their content. So, the actual amount of porn available for you is enough to wet your enthusiasm, but they also offer addition stuff from the bonus sites they have. You get deal offers inside and live cams are linked. There is no fancy design simple is what you get. They have more than adequate tools you can use to sort everything and tracking your way through the site is very straightforward.

The reason they are yet to have 1000s of movies on offer is the slow deliberate updating schedule that they use. They add 2 updates monthly, slow for those who want more, but at least they are updating! The older sorority coeds are wicked at coming up with fun sex games and new challenges for the young new gals. There are episodes where the young babes have to endure forced masturbation, licking, and slight canning from the underhand ladies.

The action takes place indoors and then it goes outdoors. There are token live dicks used for the humiliation of the gals in several scenes. In most of the videos, you get gal-gal action, coeds being fucked by strapons, contests of sucking of dildos and naked challenges. The videos are described a bit and the pictures basically look like captured frames from the videos. The videos are the wildest reality styled coed humiliation sex action we have seen thus far!

It seems inexhaustible the amount of originality these guys display when they are making material. You get HD 720p resolution quality for clips or full movies inside. Full versions are long, films are often more wilder than you can imagine. Haze Her stands as one site that could offer unique perceptive on college coed hazing and what sorority gals can do to a group of young initiates. There are things inside this site that need to be experienced personally, so grab your membership!

VideoBox Discounts

VideoBox Discount

$12.00 for a month @ 60% off

$8.00 per month for one year @ 73% off



You should (more than ever) consider the deal that the website VideoBox brings because of numerous number of reasons. For starters, they are filled with different special channels when you join! The promise is that they are busting at the seams with content and DVD movies. With the list above 14,000 DVD movies, more than 12,000 stars/performers/pornstars and big collection of wicked niches. On this happy note, we are going to get right into reviewing what they have!


The access you get is yours for as long as you pay the price of admission. They stack and pile the porn from the basement of the galleries right up to the attic! Porn is shown everywhere you look! When you consider that each DVD movie made can have more than five scenes you can watch separately, you begin grasping the extent of the collection they offer. You begin understanding that the price is really low for such huge amounts of porn. Under the titles of the DVD movies are all sorts of hefty genres of hardcore. If it’s simple mainstream hardcore or fetish or niche specific, they do have hundreds of scenes for you to see.

The site is in close cahoots with many outstanding wild and quality production houses (,, etc) so they can be able to do various additions of DVD footage all through the week. They can do 5 DVDs, you take that and multiple the amount of scenes and pornstars featured inside and you get an even bigger number! The growth of your erection directly symbolizes the growth of content that these guys have. It’s rapid, continuous, and pleasing in so many ways. They have invested their skills into making the navigation layout functional, specific for making it easy for the member to surf. With – lists, top scenes, categories, title names, date, links to the stars, updates, bios/info – you are able to proceed with the business of enjoying your pornography.

You can start/stop movies where you like, download the custom scenes or full scenes, stream using the flv player, and find standard resolution besides the HD res they make nowadays. You get formats for older DVDs in mpeg, they have computer file formats, and mobile device files like iPod/psp. This website is a supermarket with shelves dedicated to displaying all the thousands of pornstars and porn, all the hundreds of niches, hundreds of adult entertainment producers and companies, letting you fill your basket while charging you as little as they can!

Is this paysite perfect? No… But they are 95% brilliant when it comes to bringing their services to new members. They are far bigger than networks and standalone pornsites and versatile in so many other places that competitor can’t go! You joining VideoBox is simply a winning stratagem of acquiring tons of hardcore DVD. Use this website’s to find enjoyable action!

Digital Playground Discounts

Digital Playground Discount

$17.95 for a month @ 40% off

$7.49 per month for a year @ 75% off



To be fair to the porn producer going by the name of Digital Playground, we have to set aside the fact that we love the HD movies, the consistent production, the wildness of the variety, the beauty of the women, and radiance of the creativity that they show. After setting aside those feelings, we are still amazed by the workings and their growth in the porn business. Started from the bottom back in the 90s and now they are here with awards and pornstars and content and hardcore!


The purpose of this official pornsite is to give you deal discount on assorted DVD production they have. You will find exclusive and non-exclusive content, the bigger percentage being the exclusive stuff. The collection of DVD produces the smaller scenes and they have thousands of those so you are covered! They make behind scene footage available for those who enjoy backstage antics. The extras include bonus videos, feeds, live cams. The interval of updates being maintained at a weekly level. The actuality that they’re big only getting bigger by the week, is an advantage to those on the lookout for large archives of pornography.

You will find ongoing series for the DVDs. They also have one-time hot productions for you to collect. The navigation and sorting falls into various different methods that members can utilize. First, the DVD movies have dates, titles, rating for most watched and most liked. All these are ways you can sort the content. There is the search box, and various outlined categories for you to select. The more “vintage DVD action” has the studio quality production of resolution in mid and SD quality. Since a couple of years back, the company has amped the resolution steadily until they now make new material in 1080p HD res. The model index is sorted by name, most liked, and there is no real difficulty using any navigation features inside.

There’s the online slideshow offering hands-free viewing of the high-resolution picture galleries. You get to only see the material when you are online, with options for videos being the flash player with multiple settings. You have the option to buy the DVD movies you see most pleasing and they also offer other channels to check out.

The verdict on the brilliance of Digital Playground trademark entertainment hardcore is that they offer fans the best content deal at affordable prices. They have many famous performers and beauty is another thing you get from the models. As long as they can satisfy you with content, you can rest easy that they will do exactly that! Visit today and be swayed about taking a full time membership pass for their official site! Discounts Discount

$19.98 a month for three months @ 33% off

$16.65 per month for six months @ 45% off


join is a new entrant into the hardcore interracial niche, but they are boxing away competition like they are very experienced at what they do. There are white-on-black fantasies that are well known by fans of interracial porn. They want to see the black mamba cock dig its way into the dripping wet snatch of a hot looking white lady. The ladies get to have their pussies and anal holes stretched to full capacity and the black guys get to do everything they ever wanted on the bodies of the willing white ladies. You are (of course) right there in the middle getting to play the movies and experience what it’s like when hardcore interracial is done to perfection.

A pornsite nowadays without original films in these modern times will find it impossible to get real traction in the market. These guys know this; they make original exclusive pornography for members. The performers match each other with ease and fuck like they are in tune and really enjoying the sex. That’s always a good thing to see in porn instead of fake moans and im-passionate sex!

You get to have various famous pornstars including amateur new faces in the game (men and women). It seems that one requirement the men must have is really massive dicks that the ladies have to swallow, suck, impale their pussies on, and enjoy until huge cumshots are delivered. There are many male-ebony legend performers you will see inside. The webmaster controlling the strings that hold up this site is skilled at making navigation and movement inside fast and simple. They also know how to pair up photographers, producers, and performers to give you variety. The result of all this is that even though the galleries are still growing, content is still coming in, you feel like these guys are going to become a massive hit in the porn industry.

The filming and lighting, plus the simple plot line premise of hardcore sex between fine looking white lady and big black cock all come together inside this site. The equipment and camerawork used to make the films delivers high definition movies. You are getting 4K 1080p resolution, or 720p HD res, while the images are just as big and colorful. The biggest blown up picture that we could find had resolution of 3000 pixels. They have zip file for the images. You will get gonzo type of content, some interviews, plot lines like white cheating girlfriend being double stuffed by two big black dicks, and lots of variety when it comes to the models.

They are growing, so their updates had better come in fast and frequent, which seems to be the case. We do approve what is going to do for you, we require them to do more of the same and bring in more content. They are worth your attention if interracial hardcore makes you horny!