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Backroom Casting Couch Discounts

Backroom Casting Couch Discount

$24.95 for a month @ 30% off



You enjoy looking at model casting interviews, don’t you! But what you could enjoy even more is when these interviews take a complete different route than you had initially anticipated. It’s not just you who gets derailed by the kind of action inside the site Backroom Casting Couch, even the gals doing the interview sometimes get hilariously shocked by how much dick they have to sample during the alleged interview process. The site is becoming illustrious because they are notoriously naughty in the way that they produce content. There is a lot of fresh and genuine stuff happening and we are glad to talk all about it with you right here, right now!


From the moment they started up to now, they have managed to come up with over 290 movies inside their site. They have also begun gathering the attention of amateur ladies who want to break into porn but don’t know where to start exactly. As a member of this site, you get to enjoy bonus access to the bonus site “Exploited College Girls” at absolutely no extra charge. The simple tools used in moving members around inside are just the perfect fit for this site, which is not so big as of right now. They have minimal descriptions of the scenes, with the videos listed from the latest to the oldest addition. They also offer you update information so that you can keep track.

You will be able to download the windows media files or the mpg ones easily. You will have to get the full-length file since they have yet to offer lesser file clips for members to download. The videos are the foremost reason why you would enter (cum inside) this site. The casting videos are so authentic looking that you will be trapped inside the scenes showing hot amateur hardcore sex. The creator clearly had seen the low caliber of other so-called reality sites in the business and decided his was going to be different. We welcome the dedication, we admire it, and because of it, we probably ‘discharged’ two or three times before finishing our fist session inside this site.

The scenes where the gal sometimes didn’t know exactly what to do, where she was nervous, asking for directions on how best to suck cock, or open up her glorious pussy to us, are the best scenes that demonstrate the reality element this site explores. However, for those who pass with flying colors and display talent, they are definitely given heavy facials and cumshots plus serious props from the interview.

Our conclusion is that Backroom Casting Couch has sleazy interviewers banging wanna-be stars and a couch that has seen anal, pussy, hardcore reality sex variety like no other! This site is brilliantly good for fans of amateur babes, porn reality, and hardcore variety.

BangBus Discounts

BangBus Discount

$14.95 for a month @ 50% off

$9.95 per month for one year @ 67% off



Your life, it is something you will only be able to live once. Make (as trite as it may sound) the most of it. Make the simplest things in life a source of happiness. Travel like you never once did, at least in a way you never did before. What I’m trying to allude to you here would be a porn site that everyone really loves, both bros and gals. The feeling is mutual, yes, because the boys will offer and the girls will take. It’s a matter of giving and receiving. I’m talking about BangBus and I’m pretty sure you thought they were dead. Legends don’t die. They just take a nap and go back fighting stronger.


In case everything is really new to you except for the concept of pornography, well, the name of the site would be as good as perceptions would tell. Yes, it comprises a bus, but not the ones that you see on a bus stop but the little ones you use for family travels. So there are two brothers and now because of their daily travels, they have adapted more brothers into their crusade. And it’s all epic. They would hit the road and pick up chicks all because they look so damn hot through the efforts of building up muscles and buffing up. Now that’s a true inspiration, putting words and determination in to real action. Just imagine all the chicks that you can pick up too if you were as determined as these brothers. Because yes, this a reality site and all the chicks here are unpaid and unsolicited prior to them being fucked.

So okay, now you learned about the legend of these Casanova brothers and the truth it holds for them. Now, what you have to do is learn their ways by observing and putting your observations into absorption and application. There are 544 videos posted in the site and the quality of each is exceptionally high quality. The vid would be for 30 minutes each and there are photo galleries that are reflective to the happenings of each video.

The hottest scenes, you have yet to see them because they are real and you have just been so good at inevitably avoiding them. Now it’s your time to learn the ways of the legends through the BangBus premium class reality porn site.

Playboy Plus Discounts

Playboy Plus Discount

$14.95 for a month @ 50% off

$9.95 per month for a year @ 67% off



Has there been a time when you were only used by the person that you really loved? I know, it must have really hurt and sometimes, all we can really do is to learn to accept something that is not willingly given to us as a thing everyone calls love. Hey, maybe it’s time for you to be less emotional and more Casanova-like in your approach.


If you want to learn the way of a true playboy, at least until when you are ready to have your heart carved open by someone again, the only legit solution for that would be a porn site as awesome as the Playboy Plus.

With over 50 years in the industry and to still be up and going like a young horse would kick and gallop through the tracks, there is no one qualified enough to ever contest the game Playboy has always had going. As a magazine company that utilizes sexiness and boldness as a weapon to convey a lesson that people are capable of expressing themselves in any way they want, they have really panned out well and have sailed even the digital seas through distances so hard to even imagine. And now, their legacy will forever continue as it is slated in the digital porn industry, not only limiting themselves into hard copies of sexy ladies in photo shoots, but altogether with their front liners as stars in the hottest porn videos that you have yet to see.

Try to recall the first time you have gone through the pages of a Playboy mag issue. The feeling is real and it is like having the first taste of your virginity finally being piqued into submission. In like manner, you’ll come to be surprised with this site the soonest you find out that the magazine company has actually put more than a year to give its fan base the true element of surprise. With over 2,000 videos of 50 minutes each starred by stars you will truly recognize, witnessing each would be as immense as tasting it all. It’s a powerhouse porn site you never thought would exist.

Playboy Plus is a premium class site and there is no questioning that reality. All you have to do now is get yourself into the total immersion, into porn videos that are beyond your expectations. Star-studded and simply fantastic. Plus there are archives of mag issues you might have missed. It’s a total win for you here!

DogFart Discounts

DogFart Discount

$19.99 for a month @ 45% off

$8.33 per month for a year @ 76% off



There are things that are known about Dogfart Network. Here are simple stats you will see from the tour page before you even go in as a member. You are inside a network with 21 sites and all of them have content, you have full right of entry. You are receiving over sixteen years of expertise, dedication, production, growth, expansion, and refinement from this network production house.


You are getting over one thousand two hundred and seventy three models/gals/pornstars/teens/coeds/amateurs inside this network. You are also the happy member of a place with over three thousand nine hundred movies, and over six hundred and sixty four thousand images for your entertainment.

Some of the site for you to understand what it is that makes these guys different include – Blacks On Blondes, Cum Bang, Watching My Mom Go Black, Zebra Girls, We Fuck Back Girls, Gloryhole, Cuckold Sessions, etc. A complete list of the sites with descriptions can be located inside. Little background information about these guys is they have many recent and old porn awards they have been given. They are also way into the black and white sex niche of interracial hardcore for men and women.

And even if they are not getting any younger, they still have some of the best xxx scenes we have seen of hardcore anal, mouth, gangbang, pussy, dp, fetish, boob job, handjob, porn niches, so we feel they deserve our respect! A lot of different genres are done and you can see many of them inside the category tab. You also have home, sites, scene, girls, members, so it’s pretty basic when you want to check out some content. You will find the join page easily and sign up to one of the deals they cover. Financial details and privacy are important to these guys so they do make an effort to keep everything secure.

The ladies are either white or ebony complexion. They have big asses, wet cunts, long legs, big tits, lithe bodies, perfect complexion, dirty minds, anal desire, pregnant, horny for blowjobs, and love hardcore. variety of gals is good. You get over forty different genres of fucking hardcore. The network has to be able to make things easy for the members so they have laid out a design that is simple to understand. You will find the mix inside of high res images, mid and low-res videos, high definition new updates and movies, and this is only because they have a material from 16 years ago! Old content is watchable despite all this.

Dogfart network – they be freaky, sleazy, nasty, explicit, always hungry, always adding and you would do well to join this network. Interracial Hardcore is the label they like saying they are all about, but there’s more to these guys.