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Wicked Pictures Discounts

Wicked Pictures Discount

$17.95 for a month @ 40% off

$7.50 per month for a year @ 75% off



You may have just been checking out the tour page of the site Wicked Pictures, But, we are pretty sure once you have clicked and seen what goes on inside this site then you will want to experience more as a full member. A large good part of the collection inside is awesome. You are getting full access to the hundreds of movies they have, time to give them a closer inner look!


It’s easy to explore inside the site. They have got simple tabs you can use, from high def movies to high res pics. Members have over 530 full DVD movies, which can be chopped up into three thousands scenes, probably more. The hardcore movies come with smart high res images that all look very digitally advanced. The collection inside is a mixture of older 90s DVDs production and the more recent ones they make. You are going to find many hardcore scenes that have some resemblance of a storyline and others which just deal with hardcore penetration. They are also not lacking any sense of humor and mischief for this studio also produces parodies with tons of sex inside them. You will find passion and romance from the latest line of series that they make which is looking after the needs of couples, and other people who like this kind of niche.

The truth is that some of the movies you will get are high def, 1080-p and 720-p res, But those older ones take on a different dimension of resolution, 480-p. it’s still watchable action, it’s just not the latest high definition res. Okay! let’s see some features and tools. They have arranged what needs to be in good order inside their site. That means you get a nicely made model index to see the gals. You will have power to sort and that includes looping content together according to date added, popular most watched, or the names of the titles. There is the search feature that you can use when you need further assistance looking for your favorite DVDs.

It never used to be hard to find the right kind of movie you need inside this site because they have always been a stellar professional site. You get to have options that you can employ to see the different movies and pics. You can watch online the movies with the help of the flv player. Those who want to download the DVD are encouraged to do so. With the increase of tablet and mobile devices, the site has used a mobile friendly design for these specific devices.

Wicked pictures number one priority has always been to please the members that they have. They can only achieve this goal by being ahead of the ruthless competition from other porn studios, and we are happy to report that they still got that killer instinct! They offer quite a lot with this package membership deal.

WowPorn Discounts

WowPorn Discount

$19.95 for a month @ 33% off

$19.99 per month for five months @ 33% off



The materials from the galleries that form the website called WowPorn have been making people (accidentally or on purpose) cum a lot! It’s what is inside that is making people release whatever desires they have locked inside, saving them for who knows what purpose. They have done this and made it possible for you to call porn gorgeous once more. The fascination that dedicated porn lovers have with this site has been documented by reviewers more verbose than we, but we can definitely tell you all that you will find when you’re a member.


It is easy to find the pics/movies because they have been filmed and set up inside in an easy to find manner. Let’s find out more about this platform. One thing that is clear is that they can make sense out of the original movies that they make in very many different ways. You will find that you are getting this awesome website thing that is just exclusive and has gorgeous European women. The gals they have come with a personality that is likable, inviting, erection seducing. The full lengths of the gals passions are exposed when the director tells the camera guys to start shooting, and hardcore sex begins.

Laying to waste any hard dick that comes their way is simply one of the skills these ladies have. It’s one of the things this site provides. It’s not the only thing. You will get to have different episodes with different women offering different genres. The bjs, high res, and great angles for close-ups on pussy, cumshots, erotic beauty, butts and boobs, the threesome orgies, masturbation and other stimulation methods for the gals, the guys, and for you the watcher are all inside this website.

The wrappings of this gift? The most well crafted presentation that makes you want to take a peek inside this site. So, what we are reiterating is that they have produced the bejesus out of everything inside this site! Top range, top rate! As a man with two balls, a penis, and healthy dose of sexual libido, this site is proving to be the kryptonite that will weaken the knees and make us really feel drained! Their pictures can have resolution of six thousand pixels. The movies have that crisp 1080p-HD. As far as fine goes, the delights you get inside this website got to be the most delicate delicious things your eyes will ever see.

The website also deals in the more familiar things like offer you tools, menus, links, file formats, directions, information, support, and friendly user designs. They will have you watching mobile formats, or ordinary file formats for their movies online in no time at all. Conclusion is that its time you got so hard that you had to get fully naked just so that you can handle what WowPorn has for you. We recommend them 100 percent!

ALS Scan Discounts

ALS Scan Discount

$9.99 for a month @ 67% off

$8.33 per month for a year @ 73% off



If you have fooled around once with hot 18 to 23 year olds and had so much fun because of that, then the porn paysite ALS Scan is the perfect fit for you. They are a long running website with deep ties to producing hot young teen pussy action. They have used the changes in tech, the changes in the moods of porn fans, adapted and kept themselves relevant in the game. You get to have a lot inside.


The gals they have mostly come from Europe, Prague and Budapest mainly. The site uses the beautiful contours of the gals in ways that will lead to erections happening the more you continue to watch. It is clear that the most precious resource they have is the women inside the site. The models amaze and stun. Good thing for you is that the beauty is also all natural stuff. The body type of the gals normally included petite frame, flexible, smooth boobs, and perky asses. However, we were able to also detect a whiff of the more heavier curvy asses and boobs inside.

So what do you find? You find episodes inside. How many? Try some 1070+ scenes to begin with. Each scene takes twenty minutes. Scenes are HD 1080p formats. The variation of resolution goes a bit down when you go to older archives. They have professional crews working the scenes, taking care of production, lighting, and those sorts of things. The ladies can sometimes take sex toys or bizarre things in order to stimulate their clits/pussy, masturbate, lesbo sex, and many stripping and pussy shots. The whole collection doesn’t feel dated, it actually feels alive, like its completely going to consume all the time! It consumed us and we weren’t even looking that hard!

You get to have formats like the normal windows media, divx, mpg, and they do have the normal 720p HD movies that you can also catch. They have got the mobile version prepared for those who are going to use their mobile devices to connect to the site. They have got a lot of images. Our estimation lands you some nineteen thousand pictures to have, but that is an estimation not the final number. The big pictures emit with high res beauty while the ladies do their very best to make you cum in triples! You will be afforded the much-needed tools for navigation plus they have streaming file formats for the films.f

Pictures are saved using the zip file; you are not saved from becoming addicted to this ALS Scan. Why would you need it anyway when you can have great material, constant updates, regular sessions with young hot women, excitement, and most importantly of all oozing goo from your hard shlong! Therefore, you know what our conclusion is going to be, sign up now!

18 Only Girls Discounts

18 Only Girls Discount

$19.95 for a month @ 33% off

$19.99 per month for five months @ 33% off



18 year old women with always have such a confusing state of affairs, but interesting nonetheless. How an embrace so innocently given or a kiss, a flying one at that can throw me into disarray, sends my thoughts whirling into delusions and bright sunny days. On evenings like this, I used to walk down to the beach, find a nice place or a boat to lie down and start counting stars. Sometimes, I just sit here in front of the computer and write about my favorite porno spots, such as 18 Only Girls. Let’s break down its magicality in the industry.


Watching the contents of 18 Only gives me that wonderful feeling of floating in space. Then I wake up in the morning surrounded by fishermen, I go to join them, then I have free breakfast. It’s a nice life made better by young women in porn action. This site was meant to emulate real life feminine emotions as manifested by a sexual encounter at its finest. They have succeeded and now the site celebrates its years of existence to showcase all the unpopular but certainly alluring young women taking part in the adult industry and its promising endeavors.

While most people would think that women are so good at being philosophers in a sense that they make life complicated by creating problems that are not supposed to have existed, they are equally the best thing that ever happened, which can be seen all the more at their peak of sensuality ages given affirmation by the 832 videos amalgamated by the 999 photo albums prepared meticulously by the site’s team of experts. These materials can be streamed and downloaded, both the same in the sense that they can be rendered and retrieved in full HD quality. Ranging from hot lesbians kissing each other passionately down to getting fucked by real men for that ultimate nirvana, the site never fails to please its audience.

It is a privilege not granted to many, to face the harshest tests that life can give. Only the strong can face the storms and live to tell the tale. No sharp blade was ever forged without being hammered into shape or cast in fire. So if you think women are so complicated, 18 Only Girls will tell you that it is because they are worth every drop of blood fighting for with their passionate beauty both in and out. With the site’s effective rendition to this significance via pornographics, it gets 9.5 out of 10 from its subscribers’ base.

Team Skeet Discounts

Team Skeet Discount

$14.87 for a month @ 51% off

$4.99 per month for a year @ 84% off



If you ever care to look carefully and deeply you will find that, life always seeks balance. Such that, when something is given, something is also taken away. You lose one, you gain another and so on. It is only on how we look at our gains and losses that we derive great satisfaction, contentment and/or disappointment or frustration. In the end, you just need to be appreciative of the simple things that make life beautiful, just like the endless possibilities you can have with who among the many beautiful teenage girls you can have sex with. It’s a matter of teaming up with yourself for positivity and let me share to you a great source for that kind of energy, which goes by the ever beloved name of Team Skeet.


Whenever you feel that life is fucking unfair remember; it actually is. But that can be beautifully explained by the logic that “wherever there is great pressure, an equal or greater power exists to counter it”. Although I made that up out of my infinite wisdom, it is true. Out of the plethora of crappy porn sites concentrated on teenage girls and masculine boys, Team Skeet is the only one that truly stands out. Regardless, it is your reward for being patient as to reap the best, incorporating 19 porn sites into an ultimate pleasure network for that penile erection.

Swimming through the vastness of the Skeet trademark database is just like traveling a lot where you will notice that coastlines that face stormy seas have high cliffs and rocks compared to coastlines with idyllic beaches. Why? Because only such can withstand the battering of storms and the relentless pounding of waves. Therefore, the 1,500 plus collective number of the videos in the network portrays the beauty of teenage porn that comes with artful and passionate sacrifice, fervent desires and unrelenting patience. Through this, these female youngsters will do as much as they can please you through passionate hand jobs, blow jobs they will relish, doggy style action they would voluntarily submit to and so much more. The average run time of the videos would be 35 minutes each, so expect a full throttle kind of experience with every episode.

Team Skeet has been molded through dedication and hard work by its passionately driven team of creators. You are able to enjoy a vast array of quality teenage porn videos because of them. Unquestionably a 10 out of 10 in the rankings.