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Naughty America Discounts

Naughty America Discount

$14.95 for a month @ 41% off

$5.95 per month for a year @ 82% off



Naughty America list of sites is going to expose anyone who joins this network to some great hardcore porn. Just looking at some of the sites on the list is making us feel like this network is a must join for all who love watching hard porn. All members are treated to the same experience once they get a full membership pass. But is this experience worth it? That’s what this review is going to get into.


The various sites you get have their different color and theme. The design and layout remains pretty similar so as not to confuse members. The first time inside, you get the overall member area. The word “fantasy” is littered all over the network because that is the kind of material they go after. Fantasies of milfs, teachers, adultery, Latinas, teens, stepsisters, step moms, couples, Asians, coeds, and housewives. These fantasies all lead to hardcore sex penetration. You get tabs inside like porn finder, pornstars, sites, and lots more. They say they got 40 sites inside, listed nicely with images to give you a taste of what is about to happen.

When the scene is in HD they tell you clearly, and if not, you get to have DVD, mid and normal quality but this is mostly for the older material. We appreciate the fact they have portable formats, mobile ones along with other regular ones for computers. The images number more than 5840 while movies are at 6545. The addition of elements like forums and other ways of interaction between site and members is a sign that these guys want a vibrant community that is engaged. It also gives you something to do in those brief moments when you’re not all over 2 Chicks Same Time, Ass Masterpiece, Naughty Office, I Have A Wife, Seduced By A Cougar, or any of the other pornsites they have.

The content the network has is not spread completely evenly among the sites they have. Some have hundreds; others are still in double-digit territory. To watch something, you only have to click on the thumbnails and you get pics and videos. Being such a big network, jumping site to site and being asked to enter your log in repeatedly is a real disturbance. They should streamline this issue. Make it so that once you log in you can go anywhere super fast.

Notwithstanding this, there wasn’t any other major issue with the navigation and design of everything inside. To wrap up, this network is tagged with a 91% approval rating by us, by many others, and you will feel completely satisfied with what Naughty America is bringing. The various fantastical hardcore porno products showing so many different women, niches, is such a good mix of porn for you.

Digital Desire Discounts

Digital Desire Discount

$14.95 for a month @ 25% off

$7.91 per month for a year @ 60% off



The feelings we get from the tour page of the paysite Digital Desire makes our skin turn hot and thoughts begin to race. The internet is filled with many sites that claim the top spot for having beautiful gals, but this one is really awesome when it comes to babes. They got a clean long list of gals who are all bombshells when you look at their beauty. A big percentage of the gals are also teen babes, amateurs who you probably haven’t seen on other sites. The gals have different physical appearances and body structure. Why? So that members can enjoy a broader variety of tits, asses, hair color, and ethnicity.


You will get a sweet amount of porn for your money. Members have over 1217 movies and twice the amount of picture sets to look at. It’s only the gals who are amateurs mostly this kind of thing. The people in charge of producing the content are skilled practitioners who know how to generate high quality stimulating porn. Part from the producers being professional, they are artistically inspired to make scenes/pics that befit the gorgeousness of these ladies. As a paying member, you should be able to locate the HD movies, high res pics, and material that reaches into the crevice of your deep desires for the best porn erotica scenes possible.

They have m4v, mov, flv, avi, but the best formats with 1080p HD material are mp4 and windows media. Now this is not saying that all older material is crap, because it’s not, since the lowest res is 480p, which is still known to be clean and clear resolution. The times when the producer takes a gal, offers them a toy, lets them play solo, or play sensual lesbian scenes inside this site, are the times you are going to enjoy most! The immediate focus that the site dumps all its energy on is not flash bang explicit hardcore, more beauty driven. Artistic creations with the sizzling women the center point of everything. Will it get you hard? Oh yes it will!

Apart from the videos showing stripping, fingering, sexing, licking, and toy play, you will locate the over 3000 picture section where the pics will show you even more arousing content. The easier method is to download the images using the zip file, but looking at them online is just as straightforward. The videos, when played start to finish, can be less than ten minutes, but 10 minutes is the average playback duration of the videos. Every week, the site is adding content in an alternating manner, so fresh content is always teasing you throughout the week.

As a partner, Digital Desire is simply perfect for people who must look at photo-graphical exquisiteness and great babe material. Don’t think they have hardcore porn inside because they really don’t do that. But if HD quality elegant dazzling content is your niche, amateur babes and the best of gal erotica, then this site is a must see.

Twistys Discounts

Twistys Discount

$9.95 for a month @ 68% off

$7.95 per month for a year @ 75% off



From the ashes shall shoot skywards a civilization of intellect that will defy the gravity of religion. The Bearers of Sensual knowledge shall no longer be heretics and a new era of catharsis shall begin. Welcome the Age of Twistys.


I only get interested at something if, in one way or another it is related to or connected to the things that interest me most. Therefore, you or anything you do is out of that scope and will be such a complete waste of time and energy to even try to understand, it is knowledge I have no use of. When I turned to Twistys, everything felt so different in the best damn way. Knowing that they have 1,000 models all sexy and hot and beautiful and tempting, every guy could literally just squander all their time to feel full with the satiating prowess of these goddesses.

Sometimes I speak to myself, not because I’m crazy but because my ears long to hear what my mind thinks and affirm with the agreement of all the senses of my body that knowledge that lay dormant in my consciousness. It’s like slapping myself in the face to keep me awake. And, it must have been the result of the potent mix of rain, coffee and classic romantica. Only a god could make a porn site so packed with 7,000 plus erotic scenes that are beyond exceptional. If anything, it keeps you inspired with 20 minutes of dosage per episode.

It’s as if, at any given moment, so many minds exist in one head. Each competing against the other, dominating and suppressing. All vying to be the ruling thought, the the dominant frame of mind. A man’s head is a battleground where wars have been waged. All battles are fought in the world of the mind before they are ever fought in the world of the flesh. With Twistys, you’ll know that the reason behind the beauty of the videos is the chaos all the creators have to go through just to put up nothing but the best.

If you don’t like Realism at all because pying is so easy it’s pointless and that fantasy porn videos are much more challenging because of its need to be creative. And staying true to that notion, I turned my nude into a temptress with this site.

Playboy TV Discounts

Playboy TV Discount

$9.95 for a month @ 67% off

$5.83 per month for a year @ 81% off



You do not need to become a hero. Just live your life. Do what is right. You don’t have to die in the face of danger. No one among us can save the world. Just stay the course. Do not make life hard for others. Bear the burden. Stones don’t feel any pain. But would you want to become one? Do not believe your government when it says that working abroad makes you a hero. We love our children and for this reason we make sacrifices. But sometimes, we need to learn how to play to and nourish our inner demons. To that end, we always have Playboy TV to turn to.


Most leaders are just making such a silly alibi because some of them lack the imagination. Some choose to die for their country. It is their choice. That is admirable. You choose not to die because you love your mother. That is your choice. That too is admirable. Why can’t we all just be honest as to tell we all have the proclivity to succumb? And that is validated when you go with Playboy, the ultimate nude magazine company that has now entered the digital arena and for the motions! All the premium class models you have lusted for, masturbated on next to your brother and brotherhood friends, the experience was totally epic. Now the company’s taking it to the extremes.

Don’t mind it if others think that what you are doing is small. An elephant is big, but it cannot kill a mosquito. But a mosquito can cause Bill Gates to spend billions to end its menacing bite. They may write the names of heroes in encyclopedias, but remember that you cannot put an encyclopedia inside the heart of the woman you love. Let Playboy.TV remind you that you are human. You do not need godly powers. If millions will pray to you because of your power, you might just disappoint half of them. Go with sexual vigor with class with all the glamour models clustered for hardcore porn of over 30 scenes, 40 minutes each, none other than from the famous mag company of the same name. All the 192 models will surely drop your jaw like it won’t close ever again.

Another paid site, yes, but this time you’re gonna believe it’s worth it. Knowing that it is parented by Playboy itself, Playboy TV is the real definition in today’s porno industry.

X Art Discounts

X Art Discount

$9.95 for a month @ 76% off



It’s a well-known fact that some cases of obesity are caused by genetics, but obesity is mostly caused by poor diet choices. People need to realize the shit they’re saying before they publish it. How irresponsible. Go ahead and feed your child like a pig only for you to realize you’ve ruined them when they’re all grown up. Seriously, there are lots to benefit from choosing a healthy path, let’s say nude photography, which makes its participants so lucky to be a part of it. For some inspiration on that note, X-Art would be the great representative.


I know it can be quite a pain to think about having to pay for a porn site, but trust me when I say it is a good investment. It is just like the world today with its sugar trade. People think that by surrendering themselves to the common choice, they’re making themselves better when the truth is they are simply seeking the contrary. The X Art is one of those few porn sites that will help you realize how putting some criteria on choosing a source to watch videos is necessary in preventing the mind from being fed with the wrong thing. Time to figure that you don’t need all the sugar in the world, just the right ones, those that are essential to your satisfaction without depraving your soul.

There is a strong power that emanates from a good nude photography studio. But I have to say that this time, I have found one that really stands up above all of the nude photo sites I have been through. What I’m talking about is XArt with its truly artful creations that have all been conceived by the artistic mind of the people behind the productions of the site. With over 600 scenes that run for 12 minutes on average for each video, the substance of these goodies with its beautiful and talented models is truly worth the time and exclusivity. If ever you felt there were some things missing before in your porno journey, you’ll have found them all here.

Topping the cake off would be the model index of the site that lets you get some acquaintance with the models that you will surely fall in love with. There’s more to say, but I’ll let you discover that as you enter the depths of X Art.

BangBros Discounts

BangBros Discount

$14.95 for a month @ 50% off

$9.95 per month for a year @ 67% off



Good luck, but can young people really appeal to examples of personal success? That’s way too elitist and can never be morally binding. Yet, most schools still invite well-positioned public personalities during commencement exercises with the hope of inspiring our graduates. But changing the world has got nothing to do with some statistically irrelevant sample. The basic point is that people have different situations and are into far more difficult circumstances. Getting into a common ground with someone else? Why not try taking the new bus to an easy pass to life? What I’m talking about is the Bang Bus with its new face called the Bangbros.


This network of spontaneous porn lets you know it is not like you unveil some recipe for success and the speaker is your magic ingredient. The most important part still is realizing that as a young person, you are pursuing some moral end and a life that you can truly value as your own. And you do so not because somebody says that it is. Whatever good point any ghost writer puts into a speech, just bear in mind that it is not your story.

You have to write your own. Bang Bros wants you to do as they do, riding the mini van, the bus or whatever suits their comfort and picking up chicks along the way and fucking chicks as they ride up to their home. Or to the motel. But you’ll notice that the big difference between the old and the new is that new takes their girls someplace they could call a home run for the moment.

Real talk, the Bangbros Network is one of the most grandiose place to be when it comes to reality hardcore sex videos. All the guys behind this genius tend to be actively engaged in their endeavors. They would, everyday, take off the long road, find their prey, lure them in, fuck them sometimes without condoms and then drop them off somewhere after the whole fuck session. Currently, there are around 7,350 videos, which would include the archives from the previous, original site. You may also check out a closer look at every scene through the stills placed inside the photo galleries.

So far, I would say the Bangbros Network remains untopped by anything else. Engrossing the simplest yet most sophisticated ways in representing its niche, you would certainly be asking for more, video after video.