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inside my birchbox, may 2012

May 10, 2012

My mailbox is generally just a home for bills and junk, so Birchbox day is always a special treat. Here’s what I got this month:

1. beautyblender blendercleanser: I tried this brush/sponge cleaner on a concealer brush and it cleaned it up nicely. I don’t love the lavender-y scent, but anything that will get me to clean my brushes is a good thing.

2. L’Etrog by Arquiste: I rarely wear perfume, but I’ll add this sample to my rotating “special occasion” stash. I don’t have a great nose for fragrance, but Birchbox says it has warm notes of citron, palm leaves, and myrtle.

3. Color Club Disco Nap: I really like Color Club, and Disco Nap is a gorgeous gold foil with a great formula. Foils are generally a little streaky, but this applied beautifully in two coats. Scroll down for a swatch photo!

4. Dr. Jart+ Waterfuse BB Cream: I’ve been trying to use natural skincare products as much as I can, and the ingredient list on this product is a little iffy. I have heard great things about BB creams though, so I’ll give this a try. If you’ve tried BB creams, what do you think of them?

5. Notecard (Birchbox Extra): Cute and simple, always good to have on hand.

6. Twistband Skinny Headband: Love this! I’ve used my regular twistbands nonstop since getting one in a box a few months ago (they’re great for big hair like mine), so I’m happy to have the headband version. I always want to wear a headband to yoga to keep the frizz back, but I hate the dents and headaches they always leave. I have high hopes for this one!

Color Club Disco Nap plus white stripes from my new Models Own WAH nail art pen, which I’m quickly falling in love with.

Are you a subscriber? If so, what’d you get in your box this month?

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  1. PaulaH permalink
    May 10, 2012 3:36 AM

    Hi! I was just wondering how you like the Birchbox service? Is it worth $10 each month? Thanks! – Paula

    • May 10, 2012 9:15 AM

      Hey Paula! I do like Birchbox – it’s really fun to get a little “present” in your mailbox every month, and their point incentive program allows you to save money on full-sized products. It’s a great way to try new brands if that’s something you’re interested in. Plus, I tend to spend $10/day on a sandwich or two lattes, and this is much more fun…

      • PaulaH permalink
        May 10, 2012 11:43 AM

        what a good point! Did it take a long time for you to get off the waiting list?

      • May 10, 2012 11:45 AM

        I actually joined a while ago so there wasn’t a waiting list at that time.

      • PaulaH permalink
        May 10, 2012 11:58 AM

        aw lucky! Ok well thanks for the help, I hope I get my Birchbox sooner rather than later :)

  2. May 10, 2012 4:49 AM

    Yesssss, I love seeing whats inside these boxes! Always fun posts to look at. & your nails look really good too :)

  3. May 10, 2012 12:50 PM

    I posted just today that I canceled mine, but your box was much better than mine this month! But I LOVE your nails- the stripes with the pen are so. freaking. amazing. Love it.

    • May 10, 2012 3:15 PM

      Thanks! A friend brought me a Models Own pen/brush back from London and I’m in love with it. So easy to make tiny little designs.

  4. CK2 permalink
    May 10, 2012 9:04 PM

    I love my birchboxes, I have been doing it for over a year and $10 a month is a minimal cost for a fun present for myself. However, was your Dr. Jart seemingly empty? I could barely see anything inside it and when I squeezed it, I had to roll it up like an empty toothpaste tube to get barely anything out.

    • May 10, 2012 9:10 PM

      Yup, I have the same Dr. Jart issue going on. I think there’s about one tiny squeeze in there…

  5. CK2 permalink
    May 11, 2012 7:30 PM

    I tweeted them and they are sending me a new container of Dr. Jart. Hopefully this one isn’t almost completely empty.

  6. Marilyn permalink
    May 14, 2012 5:30 PM

    I got some body cream, miss dior perfume sample, and the only item I was excited about this month – diorshow extase mascara!

    • CK2 permalink
      May 15, 2012 8:59 PM

      I wish I knew your settings Marilyn because that all sounds like stuff I want rather than the stuff I got…I need to change them and see if I start getting different stuff.

  7. May 27, 2012 10:00 AM

    Grrr, wordpress ate my first comment. My Dr Jart’s was totally almost empty too! I was really annoyed but then I just did some serious tube squeezing and I got like three days out of it. I ended up buying the product on Sephora because it was backordered on birchbox. I was surprised I liked the sample, because I disliked the consistency at first, but now I’m totally hooked. I find that I only use it on my cheeks/forehead because it makes my nose look dry…

    I’m currently wearing Color Club’s Age of Aquarius. I have never gotten so many compliments on my nails before! It’s a crazy green/aqua color and I love it!

    • May 27, 2012 10:52 AM

      I love Age of Aquarius, too. Maybe that’ll be today’s mani… Thanks for commenting!


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