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love this: bloom by kelle hampton

April 10, 2012

I started reading Kelle Hampton’s blog Enjoying the Small Things a little over two years ago. I was running an Etsy shop at the time, selling quilted baby bibs and other handmade items, and we corresponded a bit while setting up a giveaway for her site. I’ve found myself visiting her blog just about every day since.

Kelle’s memoir Bloom: Finding Beauty in the Unexpected came out last week. If her book is anything like her blog, it will be raw, honest, and beautiful. And exquisitely photographed.

Bloom centers around the moment that rocked Kelle’s world to the core. She had been blogging for a few years when Nella, her second daughter, was unexpectedly born with Down syndrome.  Kelle’s post about that day is definitely worth a read.

Kelle has been criticized for her “rainbows and unicorns” outlook on life, but if you can see behind the cupcakes and birthday parties, I think you’ll fall for this family like I have.

Cutie Nella rocks one of my bibs.

I think this book would be a perfect gift for Mother’s Day, or if you just need a little inspiration.

Kelle often shares this quote, so I’ll share it here, too. It’s a good one.

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?
~Mary Oliver

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