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modern half-moon mani tutorial

January 8, 2012

The Beatles said all you need is love. But if we’re talking nails, I say all you need is Scotch tape.

What to grab:

  • Two contrasting polishes, not too sheer. I used China Glaze in Pure Torture and Frostbite (pleasant names, CG.)
  • A good top coat. My current fave is Cult Nails‘ Wicked Fast. Side note: If you haven’t checked out Cult Nails yet, run don’t walk!
  • Scotch tape.
  • Scissors. (If you lost the dispenser like I did.)

I began by applying two coats of Pure Torture, followed by a layer of top coat (important!). I’m crazy about this red – practically a candy apple, but with a hint of orange.

Working with second-day nails is ideal to avoid messing up your base color, but if you’re short on time/patience, try to wait at least an hour or two before moving on. Your base polish should be 100%-beyond-dry.

Apply two pieces of tape to create a triangle at the base of your nail. Run another nail along the edges to get the tightest seal possible. If you’re worried about pulling or smushing your base color, stick the tape to the palm of your hand to make it a little less sticky before pressing it onto your nail.

Paint over the triangle with your accent color.

Slowly remove the tape while the accent polish is still wet. You can clean up any imperfections with a small brush or q-tip dipped in remover, or just dot a little base color on top of any problem areas.

Repeat the process on your remaining nails. Once they’re dry, apply a final layer of top coat. Give yourself a bit more drying time than usual so the accent color doesn’t run into the base color (see my middle nail.)

Patience…I’m working on it.

Voila! Scotch tape nail art!

Warning: You may find yourself staring at your nails. All day long. Make sure to look both ways before crossing the street.

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