WowPorn Discounts


WowPorn Discount

$19.95 for a month @ 33% off

$19.99 per month for five months @ 33% off



The materials from the galleries that form the website called WowPorn have been making people (accidentally or on purpose) cum a lot! It’s what is inside that is making people release whatever desires they have locked inside, saving them for who knows what purpose. They have done this and made it possible for you to call porn gorgeous once more. The fascination that dedicated porn lovers have with this site has been documented by reviewers more verbose than we, but we can definitely tell you all that you will find when you’re a member.


It is easy to find the pics/movies because they have been filmed and set up inside in an easy to find manner. Let’s find out more about this platform. One thing that is clear is that they can make sense out of the original movies that they make in very many different ways. You will find that you are getting this awesome website thing that is just exclusive and has gorgeous European women. The gals they have come with a personality that is likable, inviting, erection seducing. The full lengths of the gals passions are exposed when the director tells the camera guys to start shooting, and hardcore sex begins.

Laying to waste any hard dick that comes their way is simply one of the skills these ladies have. It’s one of the things this site provides. It’s not the only thing. You will get to have different episodes with different women offering different genres. The bjs, high res, and great angles for close-ups on pussy, cumshots, erotic beauty, butts and boobs, the threesome orgies, masturbation and other stimulation methods for the gals, the guys, and for you the watcher are all inside this website.

The wrappings of this gift? The most well crafted presentation that makes you want to take a peek inside this site. So, what we are reiterating is that they have produced the bejesus out of everything inside this site! Top range, top rate! As a man with two balls, a penis, and healthy dose of sexual libido, this site is proving to be the kryptonite that will weaken the knees and make us really feel drained! Their pictures can have resolution of six thousand pixels. The movies have that crisp 1080p-HD. As far as fine goes, the delights you get inside this website got to be the most delicate delicious things your eyes will ever see.

The website also deals in the more familiar things like offer you tools, menus, links, file formats, directions, information, support, and friendly user designs. They will have you watching mobile formats, or ordinary file formats for their movies online in no time at all. Conclusion is that its time you got so hard that you had to get fully naked just so that you can handle what WowPorn has for you. We recommend them 100 percent!

ALS Scan Discounts


ALS Scan Discount

$9.99 for a month @ 67% off

$8.33 per month for a year @ 73% off



If you have fooled around once with hot 18 to 23 year olds and had so much fun because of that, then the porn paysite ALS Scan is the perfect fit for you. They are a long running website with deep ties to producing hot young teen pussy action. They have used the changes in tech, the changes in the moods of porn fans, adapted and kept themselves relevant in the game. You get to have a lot inside.


The gals they have mostly come from Europe, Prague and Budapest mainly. The site uses the beautiful contours of the gals in ways that will lead to erections happening the more you continue to watch. It is clear that the most precious resource they have is the women inside the site. The models amaze and stun. Good thing for you is that the beauty is also all natural stuff. The body type of the gals normally included petite frame, flexible, smooth boobs, and perky asses. However, we were able to also detect a whiff of the more heavier curvy asses and boobs inside.

So what do you find? You find episodes inside. How many? Try some 1070+ scenes to begin with. Each scene takes twenty minutes. Scenes are HD 1080p formats. The variation of resolution goes a bit down when you go to older archives. They have professional crews working the scenes, taking care of production, lighting, and those sorts of things. The ladies can sometimes take sex toys or bizarre things in order to stimulate their clits/pussy, masturbate, lesbo sex, and many stripping and pussy shots. The whole collection doesn’t feel dated, it actually feels alive, like its completely going to consume all the time! It consumed us and we weren’t even looking that hard!

You get to have formats like the normal windows media, divx, mpg, and they do have the normal 720p HD movies that you can also catch. They have got the mobile version prepared for those who are going to use their mobile devices to connect to the site. They have got a lot of images. Our estimation lands you some nineteen thousand pictures to have, but that is an estimation not the final number. The big pictures emit with high res beauty while the ladies do their very best to make you cum in triples! You will be afforded the much-needed tools for navigation plus they have streaming file formats for the films.f

Pictures are saved using the zip file; you are not saved from becoming addicted to this ALS Scan. Why would you need it anyway when you can have great material, constant updates, regular sessions with young hot women, excitement, and most importantly of all oozing goo from your hard shlong! Therefore, you know what our conclusion is going to be, sign up now!

18 Only Girls Discounts


18 Only Girls Discount

$19.95 for a month @ 33% off

$19.99 per month for five months @ 33% off



18 year old women with always have such a confusing state of affairs, but interesting nonetheless. How an embrace so innocently given or a kiss, a flying one at that can throw me into disarray, sends my thoughts whirling into delusions and bright sunny days. On evenings like this, I used to walk down to the beach, find a nice place or a boat to lie down and start counting stars. Sometimes, I just sit here in front of the computer and write about my favorite porno spots, such as 18 Only Girls. Let’s break down its magicality in the industry.


Watching the contents of 18 Only gives me that wonderful feeling of floating in space. Then I wake up in the morning surrounded by fishermen, I go to join them, then I have free breakfast. It’s a nice life made better by young women in porn action. This site was meant to emulate real life feminine emotions as manifested by a sexual encounter at its finest. They have succeeded and now the site celebrates its years of existence to showcase all the unpopular but certainly alluring young women taking part in the adult industry and its promising endeavors.

While most people would think that women are so good at being philosophers in a sense that they make life complicated by creating problems that are not supposed to have existed, they are equally the best thing that ever happened, which can be seen all the more at their peak of sensuality ages given affirmation by the 832 videos amalgamated by the 999 photo albums prepared meticulously by the site’s team of experts. These materials can be streamed and downloaded, both the same in the sense that they can be rendered and retrieved in full HD quality. Ranging from hot lesbians kissing each other passionately down to getting fucked by real men for that ultimate nirvana, the site never fails to please its audience.

It is a privilege not granted to many, to face the harshest tests that life can give. Only the strong can face the storms and live to tell the tale. No sharp blade was ever forged without being hammered into shape or cast in fire. So if you think women are so complicated, 18 Only Girls will tell you that it is because they are worth every drop of blood fighting for with their passionate beauty both in and out. With the site’s effective rendition to this significance via pornographics, it gets 9.5 out of 10 from its subscribers’ base.

Team Skeet Discounts


Team Skeet Discount

$9.87 for a month @ 67% off

$4.99 per month for a year @ 84% off



If you ever care to look carefully and deeply you will find that, life always seeks balance. Such that, when something is given, something is also taken away. You lose one, you gain another and so on. It is only on how we look at our gains and losses that we derive great satisfaction, contentment and/or disappointment or frustration. In the end, you just need to be appreciative of the simple things that make life beautiful, just like the endless possibilities you can have with who among the many beautiful teenage girls you can have sex with. It’s a matter of teaming up with yourself for positivity and let me share to you a great source for that kind of energy, which goes by the ever beloved name of Team Skeet.


Whenever you feel that life is fucking unfair remember; it actually is. But that can be beautifully explained by the logic that “wherever there is great pressure, an equal or greater power exists to counter it”. Although I made that up out of my infinite wisdom, it is true. Out of the plethora of crappy porn sites concentrated on teenage girls and masculine boys, Team Skeet is the only one that truly stands out. Regardless, it is your reward for being patient as to reap the best, incorporating 19 porn sites into an ultimate pleasure network for that penile erection.

Swimming through the vastness of the Skeet trademark database is just like traveling a lot where you will notice that coastlines that face stormy seas have high cliffs and rocks compared to coastlines with idyllic beaches. Why? Because only such can withstand the battering of storms and the relentless pounding of waves. Therefore, the 1,500 plus collective number of the videos in the network portrays the beauty of teenage porn that comes with artful and passionate sacrifice, fervent desires and unrelenting patience. Through this, these female youngsters will do as much as they can please you through passionate hand jobs, blow jobs they will relish, doggy style action they would voluntarily submit to and so much more. The average run time of the videos would be 35 minutes each, so expect a full throttle kind of experience with every episode.

Team Skeet has been molded through dedication and hard work by its passionately driven team of creators. You are able to enjoy a vast array of quality teenage porn videos because of them. Unquestionably a 10 out of 10 in the rankings.

Naughty America Discounts


Naughty America Discount

$9.95 for a month @ 60% off

$7.95 per month for a year @ 70% off



Naughty America list of sites is going to expose anyone who joins this network to some great hardcore porn. Just looking at some of the sites on the list is making us feel like this network is a must join for all who love watching hard porn. All members are treated to the same experience once they get a full membership pass. But is this experience worth it? That’s what this review is going to get into.


The various sites you get have their different color and theme. The design and layout remains pretty similar so as not to confuse members. The first time inside, you get the overall member area. The word “fantasy” is littered all over the network because that is the kind of material they go after. Fantasies of milfs, teachers, adultery, Latinas, teens, stepsisters, step moms, couples, Asians, coeds, and housewives. These fantasies all lead to hardcore sex penetration. You get tabs inside like porn finder, pornstars, sites, and lots more. They say they got 40 sites inside, listed nicely with images to give you a taste of what is about to happen.

When the scene is in HD they tell you clearly, and if not, you get to have DVD, mid and normal quality but this is mostly for the older material. We appreciate the fact they have portable formats, mobile ones along with other regular ones for computers. The images number more than 5840 while movies are at 6545. The addition of elements like forums and other ways of interaction between site and members is a sign that these guys want a vibrant community that is engaged. It also gives you something to do in those brief moments when you’re not all over 2 Chicks Same Time, Ass Masterpiece, Naughty Office, I Have A Wife, Seduced By A Cougar, or any of the other pornsites they have.

The content the network has is not spread completely evenly among the sites they have. Some have hundreds; others are still in double-digit territory. To watch something, you only have to click on the thumbnails and you get pics and videos. Being such a big network, jumping site to site and being asked to enter your log in repeatedly is a real disturbance. They should streamline this issue. Make it so that once you log in you can go anywhere super fast.

Notwithstanding this, there wasn’t any other major issue with the navigation and design of everything inside. To wrap up, this network is tagged with a 91% approval rating by us, by many others, and you will feel completely satisfied with what Naughty America is bringing. The various fantastical hardcore porno products showing so many different women, niches, is such a good mix of porn for you.

Digital Desire Discounts


Digital Desire Discount

$14.95 for a month @ 25% off

$7.91 per month for a year @ 60% off



The feelings we get from the tour page of the paysite Digital Desire makes our skin turn hot and thoughts begin to race. The internet is filled with many sites that claim the top spot for having beautiful gals, but this one is really awesome when it comes to babes. They got a clean long list of gals who are all bombshells when you look at their beauty. A big percentage of the gals are also teen babes, amateurs who you probably haven’t seen on other sites. The gals have different physical appearances and body structure. Why? So that members can enjoy a broader variety of tits, asses, hair color, and ethnicity.


You will get a sweet amount of porn for your money. Members have over 1217 movies and twice the amount of picture sets to look at. It’s only the gals who are amateurs mostly this kind of thing. The people in charge of producing the content are skilled practitioners who know how to generate high quality stimulating porn. Part from the producers being professional, they are artistically inspired to make scenes/pics that befit the gorgeousness of these ladies. As a paying member, you should be able to locate the HD movies, high res pics, and material that reaches into the crevice of your deep desires for the best porn erotica scenes possible.

They have m4v, mov, flv, avi, but the best formats with 1080p HD material are mp4 and windows media. Now this is not saying that all older material is crap, because it’s not, since the lowest res is 480p, which is still known to be clean and clear resolution. The times when the producer takes a gal, offers them a toy, lets them play solo, or play sensual lesbian scenes inside this site, are the times you are going to enjoy most! The immediate focus that the site dumps all its energy on is not flash bang explicit hardcore, more beauty driven. Artistic creations with the sizzling women the center point of everything. Will it get you hard? Oh yes it will!

Apart from the videos showing stripping, fingering, sexing, licking, and toy play, you will locate the over 3000 picture section where the pics will show you even more arousing content. The easier method is to download the images using the zip file, but looking at them online is just as straightforward. The videos, when played start to finish, can be less than ten minutes, but 10 minutes is the average playback duration of the videos. Every week, the site is adding content in an alternating manner, so fresh content is always teasing you throughout the week.

As a partner, Digital Desire is simply perfect for people who must look at photo-graphical exquisiteness and great babe material. Don’t think they have hardcore porn inside because they really don’t do that. But if HD quality elegant dazzling content is your niche, amateur babes and the best of gal erotica, then this site is a must see.

Twistys Discounts

Twistys Discount

$17.95 for a month @ 40% off

$7.95 per month for a year @ 75% off



From the ashes shall shoot skywards a civilization of intellect that will defy the gravity of religion. The Bearers of Sensual knowledge shall no longer be heretics and a new era of catharsis shall begin. Welcome the Age of Twistys.


I only get interested at something if, in one way or another it is related to or connected to the things that interest me most. Therefore, you or anything you do is out of that scope and will be such a complete waste of time and energy to even try to understand, it is knowledge I have no use of. When I turned to Twistys, everything felt so different in the best damn way. Knowing that they have 1,000 models all sexy and hot and beautiful and tempting, every guy could literally just squander all their time to feel full with the satiating prowess of these goddesses.

Sometimes I speak to myself, not because I’m crazy but because my ears long to hear what my mind thinks and affirm with the agreement of all the senses of my body that knowledge that lay dormant in my consciousness. It’s like slapping myself in the face to keep me awake. And, it must have been the result of the potent mix of rain, coffee and classic romantica. Only a god could make a porn site so packed with 7,000 plus erotic scenes that are beyond exceptional. If anything, it keeps you inspired with 20 minutes of dosage per episode.

It’s as if, at any given moment, so many minds exist in one head. Each competing against the other, dominating and suppressing. All vying to be the ruling thought, the the dominant frame of mind. A man’s head is a battleground where wars have been waged. All battles are fought in the world of the mind before they are ever fought in the world of the flesh. With Twistys, you’ll know that the reason behind the beauty of the videos is the chaos all the creators have to go through just to put up nothing but the best.

If you don’t like Realism at all because pying is so easy it’s pointless and that fantasy porn videos are much more challenging because of its need to be creative. And staying true to that notion, I turned my nude into a temptress with this site.

Playboy TV Discounts


Playboy TV Discount

$14.95 for a month @ 50% off

$9.95 per month for a year @ 67% off



You do not need to become a hero. Just live your life. Do what is right. You don’t have to die in the face of danger. No one among us can save the world. Just stay the course. Do not make life hard for others. Bear the burden. Stones don’t feel any pain. But would you want to become one? Do not believe your government when it says that working abroad makes you a hero. We love our children and for this reason we make sacrifices. But sometimes, we need to learn how to play to and nourish our inner demons. To that end, we always have Playboy TV to turn to.


Most leaders are just making such a silly alibi because some of them lack the imagination. Some choose to die for their country. It is their choice. That is admirable. You choose not to die because you love your mother. That is your choice. That too is admirable. Why can’t we all just be honest as to tell we all have the proclivity to succumb? And that is validated when you go with Playboy, the ultimate nude magazine company that has now entered the digital arena and for the motions! All the premium class models you have lusted for, masturbated on next to your brother and brotherhood friends, the experience was totally epic. Now the company’s taking it to the extremes.

Don’t mind it if others think that what you are doing is small. An elephant is big, but it cannot kill a mosquito. But a mosquito can cause Bill Gates to spend billions to end its menacing bite. They may write the names of heroes in encyclopedias, but remember that you cannot put an encyclopedia inside the heart of the woman you love. Let Playboy.TV remind you that you are human. You do not need godly powers. If millions will pray to you because of your power, you might just disappoint half of them. Go with sexual vigor with class with all the glamour models clustered for hardcore porn of over 30 scenes, 40 minutes each, none other than from the famous mag company of the same name. All the 192 models will surely drop your jaw like it won’t close ever again.

Another paid site, yes, but this time you’re gonna believe it’s worth it. Knowing that it is parented by Playboy itself, Playboy TV is the real definition in today’s porno industry.

X Art Discounts


X Art Discount

$9.95 for a month @ 76% off



It’s a well-known fact that some cases of obesity are caused by genetics, but obesity is mostly caused by poor diet choices. People need to realize the shit they’re saying before they publish it. How irresponsible. Go ahead and feed your child like a pig only for you to realize you’ve ruined them when they’re all grown up. Seriously, there are lots to benefit from choosing a healthy path, let’s say nude photography, which makes its participants so lucky to be a part of it. For some inspiration on that note, X-Art would be the great representative.


I know it can be quite a pain to think about having to pay for a porn site, but trust me when I say it is a good investment. It is just like the world today with its sugar trade. People think that by surrendering themselves to the common choice, they’re making themselves better when the truth is they are simply seeking the contrary. The X Art is one of those few porn sites that will help you realize how putting some criteria on choosing a source to watch videos is necessary in preventing the mind from being fed with the wrong thing. Time to figure that you don’t need all the sugar in the world, just the right ones, those that are essential to your satisfaction without depraving your soul.

There is a strong power that emanates from a good nude photography studio. But I have to say that this time, I have found one that really stands up above all of the nude photo sites I have been through. What I’m talking about is XArt with its truly artful creations that have all been conceived by the artistic mind of the people behind the productions of the site. With over 600 scenes that run for 12 minutes on average for each video, the substance of these goodies with its beautiful and talented models is truly worth the time and exclusivity. If ever you felt there were some things missing before in your porno journey, you’ll have found them all here.

Topping the cake off would be the model index of the site that lets you get some acquaintance with the models that you will surely fall in love with. There’s more to say, but I’ll let you discover that as you enter the depths of X Art.

BangBros Discounts


BangBros Discount

$14.95 for a month @ 50% off

$9.95 per month for a year @ 67% off



Good luck, but can young people really appeal to examples of personal success? That’s way too elitist and can never be morally binding. Yet, most schools still invite well-positioned public personalities during commencement exercises with the hope of inspiring our graduates. But changing the world has got nothing to do with some statistically irrelevant sample. The basic point is that people have different situations and are into far more difficult circumstances. Getting into a common ground with someone else? Why not try taking the new bus to an easy pass to life? What I’m talking about is the Bang Bus with its new face called the Bangbros.


This network of spontaneous porn lets you know it is not like you unveil some recipe for success and the speaker is your magic ingredient. The most important part still is realizing that as a young person, you are pursuing some moral end and a life that you can truly value as your own. And you do so not because somebody says that it is. Whatever good point any ghost writer puts into a speech, just bear in mind that it is not your story.

You have to write your own. Bang Bros wants you to do as they do, riding the mini van, the bus or whatever suits their comfort and picking up chicks along the way and fucking chicks as they ride up to their home. Or to the motel. But you’ll notice that the big difference between the old and the new is that new takes their girls someplace they could call a home run for the moment.

Real talk, the Bangbros Network is one of the most grandiose place to be when it comes to reality hardcore sex videos. All the guys behind this genius tend to be actively engaged in their endeavors. They would, everyday, take off the long road, find their prey, lure them in, fuck them sometimes without condoms and then drop them off somewhere after the whole fuck session. Currently, there are around 7,350 videos, which would include the archives from the previous, original site. You may also check out a closer look at every scene through the stills placed inside the photo galleries.

So far, I would say the Bangbros Network remains untopped by anything else. Engrossing the simplest yet most sophisticated ways in representing its niche, you would certainly be asking for more, video after video.

WowGirls Discounts


WowGirls Discount

$19.95 for a month @ 33% off



WowGirls is a paysite like the others, but what they have inside is possibly very different from the others. The others talk about beautiful gals, but this one talks of exquisite perfectness and radiant statuesque. While other simply use words, these guys accomplish everything they promise by having gals that match their hyped up name. No joke…teens are gorgeous and so is the hardcore porn you get. The gals normally have to be below twenty years of age but they also have to be above 18 years old. Therefore, the site maintains its good standing of having legal teen gals inside. Naughty, nasty, sexual, charming, young sex is enslaving to the core, let’s find out and see more!


A triple treat await all thee who come inside this site, sort of like a mini network of sorts. You have this one, then 18 Only Girls and then Wow Porn. You go here or there and you get to have all the access you crave from all three sites. Cool action too! Sometimes the gals inside just want to get into some explosive action where hard sex is everywhere, and sometimes they have a soft tenderness that they need to take care of. Therefore, you get soft core and hard porn. They have lesbian desires as well, toy action, and the mood for various different types of sex.

For your troubles, you are invited to eat up some 269 movies and over 456 image galleries. Movies are twenty minutes. When combining all the three sites, the content is above 1600 movies, so you get lots and lots. The collection of the 3 sites and the navigation tools intertwined there make it easy for you to do things like browse without much problems. The material is of course done internally meaning that they are able to produce exclusive porn that members-only can see.

The easiest thing, apart from taking our pants off, was navigating through the site. Simple…like nursery rhymes really! Search/sort the content according to features given, and be at ease, you are dealing with experts. Downloads are given for the films and so is streaming options. When you want something like mobile formats they bring them right there to your table. You want 1080p movies? they serve them up with a dish of pics that are high resolution. They have live shows and webcams inside.

It’s really disingenuous for us to say that we do not find WowGirls completely up to the task of mesmerizing new members. They do it repeatedly. The repetition of high quality production is one reason why they are regarded top notch. With a hardon and a smile, we do tell you that you need to check out what they have.

DDF Network Discounts


DDF Network Discount

$14.99 for a month @ 67% off

$8.49 per month for a year @ 85% off



DDF Network largeness means that they are able to make around fourteen sites appear in front of your eyes so that you can have pornographic material. They are a real site with real pornography that really makes you want to unbutton or unzip and get comfortable. The sites inside contain different niches of hardcore porn you may have come across in your journeys, but we are still going to tell you what you are receiving from this particular network, we want to!


Okay gents, you are eager and so are we, but inside is where the fun will be hard felt, and we therefore have to take our asses inside the member’s area. You will find small samples of different content that the sites make. The samples are just to give you a whiff of the action about to happen. This strong deep inhalation will have you identifying niches like hardcore, pornstars. Pussy action, babes, big tits, and many other mainstream niches that are good to watch. Selecting what comes first, then next, and sorting out all the content inside is done posthaste because they have navigational options available for you.

The flourish of attention from the twelve thousand eight hundred and sixty one movies you get from the network is enough to make most sweat. The amount is really big that you are paying for and so it should be. This is of course an obvious advantage on your part. Number two, you are getting lots of niches from all over the place. Good anal, hardcore, lesbian, bjs, are just a prime example of the many goodies inside waiting for you. The different parts of the network are moving on ahead by releasing more updates. The schedule that they use is of a regular nature, meaning what is being added is more with more variety. The price of their membership pass is not for the “cheap guys”, but we consider it to be a very worthwhile investment.

Sitting pretty at the top of the mountain is the HD quality videos in 1080p formats that wow you. The weakened material you will find is maybe from a couple of years back in the archives and it can still be watchable helping you to develop serious longings in you. There is still that chance. The network is big with sites expanding its horizon with updates, easy navigation, easy membership experience, video file formats, mp4, zip file for images.

If you do eventually put your fears aside and visit the DDF Network, you will be simply receiving professional quality services from high studio grade production house. This network is fighting in the heavyweight league as far as porn networks are concerned. You deserve such heavyweights in your corner, join up.

OnlyTease Discounts


OnlyTease Discount

$19.95 for a month @ 55% off



The OnlyTease site is only suitable for those who have a hankering need to be relentlessly teased by attractive women. Women tease and that is just what they do. They will play so hard to get, and you really have to put the effort in, if you expect anything to ever happen. All this of course only makes more fluid fill up your nut sack, but you can find ways of diminishing the pressure, such as checking out this site. The site has English gals who wear sexy attires and nylon stockings and tease. The oodles of gals they have, backed by a big picture/movie gallery is going to have your cock pounding, slightly at first, but then rapidly and incessantly!


We talk about the site first then we will move to the material. You get a backdrop inside the member’s area that brings out the multicolored erotic teasing action in great style and fashion. You will see that they are trying to accomplish a lot with the site. Also, you will not get that uncomfortable feeling of a clutter messy layout. You simply navigate using pics, models, videos, prestige, search, forum, and other tabs and links that they give you inside. They do have web cams and podcast but we think you will be more interested in the material and gals because it’s very much eroticized material.

The sample range from which these guys find the English babe to tease you senseless is pretty deep and incredible. From this range, you get naturally raw attractive sensual amatory gals/models. They have 767 models, 3582 image sets, 2965 scenes inside. All of the content is only supposed to be found inside their galleries, exclusive access for you as a member. The smallest image size you will find is 1000-pixel range, while the brightest are the high res 3000 pixel ones. Downloading is nothing complex; you just zip the pic files and do it. Streaming videos is like slicing butter with a hot knife, its smooth and so is the downloading process. They got different formats inside, not the biggest variety, but they are more than trying.

You will not have so many individual tools to use when inside the model index. The gals are arranged according to alphabetical order, but you do have other searching tools in your toolbox. Therefore, this is a minor concern. They do limit you somewhat when you look at the file formats given. You also have to be aware that they do more pictures than movies nowadays.

Everything essential about OnlyTease that we could think about we have and we have told you everything. You cannot be indifferent to the teasing content inside this site. One cloth and then the next and then the next, and you get to have more from other affiliated sites from the Only-All-Sites Network that this one belongs to. If you are willing, so are they, check them out!

Brazzers Discounts


Brazzers Discount

$17.95 for a month @ 40% off

$7.95 per month for a year @ 75% off



Brazzers Network has been discussed this way and that by so many people. Critics have dug deep into the site looking for some of the finest tits and material around and they have found it. In the porn industry, you are only as big as your last production and the last productions these guys made in their network are super quality nasty HD hardcore porn.


In the recent years, many things about the porn industry have changed this way and that, and it’s good to see a network that swings with the tide like this one. Therefore, that means they have been able to produce various formats, even live shows, in order to keep member satisfied. You will find the site contains many favorites, many sites with renowned material, many which have become trendsetters, classic, cult-inducing-kind-of smut movies.

We know you just want to go get them…but before you get involved, let us talk a bit about the site. The tool bar inside the member’s area is fitted with things you will need. You can navigate because the whole design is pretty self-explanatory and you simply cannot get lost. The forum is a bed of topics that will excite those who like interaction. The network also actively seeks out the members opinions and makes things very interesting for the people interacting. You will be able to even suggest some of the scenes you can watch, featuring all the favorite pornstars you want. There are so many inside this network. The one-on-one, pay live cam shows are incredibly erotic and can leave you feeling thoroughly satisfied.

The growth of the network means that twenty-eight sites are waiting for you with one membership pass. We shall not name all the sites, but by looking at the names, they have covered quite a huge ground when it comes to models, and variety of porn. The content is way above six thousand movies and six thousand picture galleries by now, you have to schedule out a big piece of your day to even get through a quarter of what they got.

You will find mpeg, wmv, flv, mp4 formats that can be used either for streaming and downloading. The quality of the video is like this, older content can sometimes be older resolution quality meaning that they are 240p or slightly higher. However, the good news is that they update regularly, and from what we saw, all new material plays in HD quality resolutions. The pictures are decent, but clearly not many sleepless nights were spent making sure they are the biggest resolution sizes. They are known more for video content.

Brazzers network offers you more than simple porn, it’s an experience where you have no questions about nothing, and you enjoy absolutely everything. Joining them is very much in your best interest and don’t think of turning them down. Check them out.

All Japanese Pass Discounts


All Japanese Pass Discount

$19.95 for a month @ 33% off

$7.49 per month for a year @ 75% off



All Japanese Pass is a network whose aim is revealing to you, the new member, all the sensual secrets that Asian hardcore pornography has to offer. Maybe you know some of the delicious secrets, but you are still going to find plenty of new ones inside. Asian babes have that innate thing where they look so timid one minute and then the next they are orally pleasing dudes and making great hard sex episodes. It’s fascinating to watch what the 22 sites inside this network bring. The episodes we are discussing about are fetish oriented, as well as some soft ones, but majority lie in the hardcore niches.


Everything inside is done with Asian and Orient gals. The gals contort their facial expressions as they experience intense pleasure from being “dicked” and you will love their diminutive bodies. The network carries many models and these models in turn carry you into all kinds of dimensions of sexual gratification. The kittens inside claw at the cocks they are given, wanting to please their lovers, and you. Nasty and naughty footage of sex is filmed in great detail.

The creative direction the material takes includes deviating into daydream land, schoolgirls, nurses, teachers, lingerie, shaved pussies, milfs, massive breasts, and so many other carnal fantasy that we know you have. This is all inside the membership area; you haven’t even begun digging through the video/pic galleries yet! The thing is this; the network has different sites. So, the quality of the material, and the updating of content is going to fluctuate. Let’s start with the goodies…they have HD formats 1080p resolution. The clarity however changes from site to next, not a very convincing uniformity pattern here! But, hundreds of movies are very much watchable.

The network contains over 25,000 scenes mostly nineteen minutes long. There were episodes reaching 40 minutes, other smaller 9 minutes clips. It just depends and you never know until you get inside. They have picture sets, 60 pics per set; they have 7950+ sets inside. The hunger and thirst for more content you feel is because the content from this network is gripping, causing you to crave more Asian pussy and hard-sex. They have updates running through the week, multiple ones. It’s the range of things that Asian models are prepared to do, to go through, that caught our eye.

Also, the membership deal for this network is very lucrative, so much action for such small price. They have blogs, live cams, you can see the hundreds of models inside the model index, third party feeds, mp4 formats, zip files, and general features for navigation are there. All Japanese Pass network is without a doubt a great inclusion into the market. They have mixed-up all the Asian hard/fetish things you like so well, we recommend you should test and taste what they have!

Reality Kings Discounts


Reality Kings Discount

$14.95 for a month @ 63% off

$7.95 per month for a year @ 81% off



Reality Kings glittering royal-likeness is because they are big and they are such a quality network. In their list of sites, you get thirty-six sites. The gamut of variety received is noted, they have hardcore to extreme kind of stuff inside. Think of it this way, you are buying one membership allowing you, first of all, 36 different niches of porn, second, hundreds of famous porn performers.


Thirdly, when all the sites combine their content…mamma mia, you will be receiving hundreds of hours of appetizing porn. Open your eyes to some 9109+ movies inside that are promised by the network. If you have an elephant’s memory, you definitely recall the first time these guys came out, how they grew, and what they are now in the industry. If you don’t, don’t worry we don’t either. We just care that they are have climbed from simple bourgeoisie status and now they are elite leaders in the game!

The layout of the network currently used has been changed several times. The changes have helped make it more usable. The inclusion of the search engine is crucial in making sure members find porn fast. Another godsend is the filtering options given. You can search model name or use keywords. Rating/commenting features are in place. They are now informing all members of the upcoming updates that their sites are going to make. Great! As you excitedly move with haste from site to site previewing what they got, you will find the sites have homogeny. The color formats, the features, and layout of the sites are synced up to make things easier for you.

The updates made are all HD certified, adding more quality hardcore into the galleries. We will inform you that the network does have mobile formats, they have older content in SD quality, pictures for old galleries are also not very high resolution. However, these are issues expected from any old network like this one. The producers and those in charge of this porn network feel that members deserve not only new pornstars, models, pics and videos, they also deserve new sites. New sites bring new interesting niches. That is why we consider these guys really good.

You have to read what you are signing up for with this particular network. There is a lot happening, and you don’t want the wrong membership subscription that may cost you more than what you had previously thought. No one is rushing you, check the pre-ticked defaults, decide if you want this or that, then say yes and watch the magic happen. No hardcore porn fan in the world likes being taken advantage of. Reality Kings, even though they are true royals in porn, will treat you with the etiquette reserved for VIPs. They do everything with such grand professionalism. Top rated by all, you should check out this network.